Blake Lively Pregnant News: Is The ‘Gossip Girl’ Style Icon Learning To Sew Baby Clothes? Mrs. Ryan Reynolds Admires Mom’s Seamstress Skills On Instagram & Wants The Fashion Skill Too! [PHOTO]

Blake Lively continues to break the internet with her classy maternity fashion, quickly becoming a style icon for pregnant women everywhere.

The “Gossip Girl” actress and confessed clothes addict loves fashion so much, she may be taking on the job of seamstress-in-training before we know it!

Lively, who’s baby bump is ever growing while she looks ever stunning, took to Instagram on Wednesday, November 12 to share her deep desire to learn the art of sewing.

Sharing a black and white photo with her nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram, Mrs.

Reynolds explained , “My mama on the far left at 10 years old in a dress SHE MADE.

She’s so incredible.

I’m so lucky to have such an inspiration and role model…now if I could just doggone learn how to sew!” Picking up the skill of sewing shouldn’t be too difficult for the mom-to-be, especially considering her breadth of knowledge when it comes to clothes and style.

Plus, as she explains via her Instagram post, Lively’s mother would make an excellent teacher.

Considering she was able to create the dress seen in the picture at 10, who knows what other creations she came up with? Did the pregnant star’s mother, Elaine Lively, make clothes for baby Blake? Perhaps a course on baby-clothes sewing can be in order – there’s still some time to prepare some homemade onesies for baby Reynolds! Who knows, maybe she’ll inspire some of her followers to join in the fun too! Sewing clothes for loved ones would merge two of Blake’s lifelong passions – family and fashion.

In fact, the “Gossip Girl” star loves fashion and clothes so much, she doesn’t use a stylist.

As Elle  writes, “Blake is a real life Serena van der Woodsen.

Say what you want about what that means, but people love to talk about her.

They idolize her…Now that she’s pregnant, she’s demonstrating how to maintain your cool along the way.” It’s without doubt that baby Reynolds is going to be smothered in love by their excited parents and their families.

According to Us Weekly , “Lively and Reynolds’ little one better get ready! Lively and her loved ones have always celebrated the holidays in a unique way.

‘My family has this horrible tradition – we love wrapping presents,’ she said during the panel.

‘My family doesn’t buy presents until after Christmas because they’re on sale.’ Besides traditions, Lively also has bonded with her family through Preserve .

Her older brother Eric often takes photos for the site.

‘My brother – he’s amazing…It just shows how important family is to me.'” Sounds like the quintessential fun loving family, the perfect place to bring a child into.

As Reynolds alluded to in an Instagram post last year, the two are most definitely “parent material.”

If you take that cool and add that love, you’ve got the recipe for an awesome – and stylish – mother and child duo.

So get ready baby Reynold, you and mama might be matching in homemade outfits before you know it! Maybe Dad can even join in on the fun – but he has master his sewing skills too! Now that would be a truly fashionable family, making and wearing their very own stylish clothes.

Who knows? Crazier things have happened.

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