Blake Lively ‘Not Proud Of’ Preserve, Announces On Instagram After Baby James Photos Scandal

Blake Lively ‘Not Proud Of’ Preserve

Blake Lively ‘Not Proud Of’ Preserve, Announces On Instagram After Baby James Photos Scandal

Blake Lively admitted that she wasn’t totally proud of her website Preserve. The actress went on to announce its closing on Instagram right after her baby James photos scandal. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds must have had busy couple of weeks!

According to Vogue , “Age of Adaline” actress said, “It’s very exciting and it’s also incredibly scary. I never thought I would have the bravery to actually do that… I’m not going to continue to chase my tail and continue to put a product out there that we, as a team, are not proud of.’”
Sounds like Blake was very honest to herself when she decided to close her website.
She also made it Instagram official by posting a very pretty picture about it.

Preserve closing comes just a week after baby James photos scandal. Ryan Reynolds spoke out about one of his closest friends selling his baby photos for money and couldn’t hold back his anger.
According to Vanity Fair , the new father said that his friend just sold baby James photos “for money. I mean, I don’t think he thought he would ever be caught. But it’s a pretty narrow group of people that I would send photos like that to… It was, like, so kind of shocking. There isn’t really a conversation to have. It’s just, ‘Oh, well, now I’m never going to see you or talk to you again, unfortunately.’ That’s kind of how it worked out.”
Other than these two bombs dropped this past September, Blake Lively has been enjoying life post baby delivery, thanks to her husband Ryan Reynolds. Although he is busy promoting his upcoming movies “Deadpool”, he is giving all the support that he could give so that she can pursue the simple things in life like surfing, falling into a bed of tomatoes and what not.
She is having so much fun that even makes people wonder if she actually just had her baby. Some of her most recent pictures on Instagram include: surfing on the west coast; supporting a charity; training at a gym; and falling into a bed of tomatoes.
What do you think will be Blake Lively’s next big adventure post Preserve? Let me know in the comments below!

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