BlackPink’s ‘ Whistle’ Goes Acoustic; Akdong Musician Holds The Good Word

BlackPink's ' Whistle' Goes Acoustic; Akdong Musician Holds The Good Word

BlackPink's ' Whistle' Goes Acoustic; Akdong Musician Holds The Good Word

There is a video doing the social media rounds starring BlackPink’s musical track ‘Whistle’ . Performed as a private act, it had Akdong Musician ( a brother duo) put an eclectic touch to the record. The original hip hop dominant Whistle came on fitted with a unique touch- it went acoustic. The track, many would recognize premièred with the BlackPink girls giving an intense crooning and the merest of drum and bass whistle per Onekpop .
What makes the acoustic version a novelty to BlackPink’s original rendition?The brother duo used acoustic guitars (strings.) It puffed up with  their impressive vocals. It displayed peculiar because the electronic part of the instrument was non-existent. No additional sounds were combined. Synthesizers were not used either. Digital sound recording paraphernalia had no mix in the delivery.Was the pacing slower? It, many fans assume is one of the striking features of the  Akdong Musician’s instrumentation. Su Hyun and Chanhyuk’s version had a sprinkling of adlibs that furnished the music a different feel. It is likewise slower than the original hip-hop interpretation. On their sixth month after a July 2016 debut, BlackPink has steadily been in the music scene. They had landed in the World Digital Billboard with Whistle and Boombayah per Billboard . The group had also earned a lot of covers arranged by fans posted on Youtube and other social media platforms. BlackPink remains visible in the K-pop musical stage as projected. YG Entertainment had envisioned 8 musical videos for the group upon their inception in July. The group’s handler has also mapped out a release of their songs continuously in five months. Formed as a quartet, the all-girl-band has Rose and Jisso assigned to the bodily taxing choreography and the singing while Lisa and Jennie take on the rapping beats.The source of the video is a fan who has nothing but admiration for the new musical approach to Whistle.   For their part, Akdong Musician is presently occupied promoting ‘Last Goodbye’ and ‘Reality’. Both tracks are part of their Spring Volume 2.   Please see video here :  

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