BLACKPINK’s Rose Gives Sweet, Laid-Back, Acoustic Rendition of WINNER’s ‘Really Really;’ BLACKPINK To Comeback In June

BLACKPINK's Rose Gives Sweet

BLACKPINK's Rose Gives Sweet, Laid-Back, Acoustic Rendition of WINNER's 'Really Really;' BLACKPINK To Comeback In June

Rose of BLACKPINK just did a sweet acoustic cover of WINNER’s “Really Really”. A video was uploaded by YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk. Every BLINK (official fandom of BLACKPINK) knows that Rose is the best vocals in the group. But still, in the video uploaded by the YG Entertainment head, Rose showed just how versatile she can get. As reported by All Kpop , a video of the BLACKPINK vocals was uploaded by YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk on his Instagram account out of his appreciation of the BLACKPINK member. Rose did an acoustic cover of WINNER’s “Really Really”.
The video was uploaded on Sunday, May 14 which featured the beautiful BLACKPINK member. The video clip started with Rose who appeared to be quite shy, holding her guitar. The video clip was only a short one which featured BLACKPINK’s Rose singing “Really Really’s” pre-chorus and chorus part. But what made it seem long though, was because of Rose’s sweet, laid -back rendition of the song. The video clip has already garnered more than 250,000 views on Instagram. The Instagram post also garnered more than 3,000 comments that praised the BLACKPINK member with her cute and charming cover of the song. In related news, BLACKPINK members are currently gearing up for a comeback next month. This was confirmed by their agency, YG Entertainment, as reported by Celeb Mix . BLINKS and netizens are expecting BLACKPINK’s first comeback to be summer themed since the timing is summer. Fans are hoping that BLACKPINK’s first comeback will bring in more songs. YG Entertainment is currently on a comeback streak. WINNER, BIGBANG, Akdong Musician, Sechskies, and (most recently) Psy have already made their big comeback so it is also expected that BLACKPINK will give an explosive (if not fun) comeback this June. Meanwhile, watch BLACKPINK’s Rose’s acoustic cover of WINNER’s “Really Really” down below. Stay tuned to KpopStarz for more BLACKPINK and K-pop news.  

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