Blackberry Passport Release Date Sells Out 200,000 Units In 2 Days, Hints Positive Future For Phone Maker

After struggling for the past two years, the first great news for the Canada-based manufacturer comes in the wake of its Blackberry Passport release date.  The new BB OS-powered handset was made available through Amazon and Blackberry’s official website a few days ago.

And in a new report, it looks like consumers actually love it. 

Seen as an odd design that mixes a touch screen and a cramped QWERTY keypad, the Passport may have actually just save Blackberry in the long run.  According to a report by Phone Arena , the new Blackberry handset has just sold out its stocks with a total of 200,000 units.  While this is certainly no iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus rival, the Passport is aimed at an entirely different niche in the market anyway – the enterprise market who still values smartphones with keypads, but wants to get the benefits of a touchscreen.  It is difficult to imagine that just one year ago, we were all talking about Blackberry’s impending sell out.

Some reports even claimed that the company was willing to sell its many departments and ‘parts’ in order to get a decent sum of money.  However, now CEO John Chen has turned things around and it will only take a matter of time until the Canadian manufacturer returns to the bigger markets.  Right now, the focus of Blackberry is on the emerging markets in Asia such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

Some upcoming Blackbery devices like the Classic and Q10 will be announced later this year.

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