‘Black Ops 3’ Beer Is The Perfect Partner While Playing, Ever Tasted Black Beer Before?

'Black Ops 3' Beer Is The Perfect Partner While Playing

'Black Ops 3' Beer Is The Perfect Partner While Playing, Ever Tasted Black Beer Before?

“Black Ops 3” beer is going to have its own special brew.
It seems that themed beer is becoming a trend. “The Walking Dead,” “The Simpsons,” “Fallout” and now “Call Of Duty” have their own uniquely crafted beers for their fans.

Black Hops Brewing announced their collaboration with Activision to create a special brew. According to Gamezone, this themed beer was planned in order to celebrate the launch of “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2” on Nov. 6, 2015.
“When Activision first contacted us we thought it was a hoax and had no idea that would turn into this amazing partnership,” said Michael ‘Govs’ McGovern, Head Brewer and Co-Founder of Black Hops Brewing in a press release.
“We love beer and we love video games, especially ‘Call of Duty,’ so when the opportunity to create Black Hops III to celebrate the launch of the new game came up, we jumped at it”
The “Black Ops 3” was made with careful consideration, as it was crafted to match the game it was themed after.
“We obviously knew that it would be the sort of drink that people would drink while playing the game. So it had to be black, obviously, “stated Black Hops Brewing in their announcement video.
“So we wanted that pale ale type of style and Govs came up with the idea to use midnight weed in the beer to give it that black look but with the same pale ale flavors.”
Those who are interested in getting themselves a case of “Black Ops 3” beer can purchase it on Beer Bud. The price for six “Midnight Pale Ale” beers will cost $24.99 and 24 beers will cost $74.99.
Black Hops Brewing was started a group of friends, Eddie Oldfield, Dan Norris and Michale McGovern. They are based in Gold Coast, Australia.

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