‘Bikini Warriors’ Anime Release Date, Cast, And Staff Confirmed

'Bikini Warriors' Anime Release Date
'Bikini Warriors' Anime Release Date

  Say what you will about the merit of the ecchi/harem anime genre, but it’s definitely not going away anytime soon.

After all, there’s still plenty of fans wanting to watch series involving scantily clad women.

As summer fast approaches, so too does the summer 2015 anime lineup.

Included in this line up is harem/ecchi series, “Bikini Warriors.” Recently, the release date, cast, and staff for the series was released.

Anime fans interested in the series will get to catch the first episode on July 7.

So far, fans are expressing excitement for “Bikini Warriors,” with the exception that they are disappointed by each episode length.

“It’s disappointing that this is going to be a 5-minute episode show.

I was hoping this would be a nice sister series to Hobby Japan’s other property: Queen’s Blade.

Oh well, even at 5 minutes an episode, I hope this series turns out to be surprisingly good, much like ‘Queen’s Blade’ and ‘Senran Kagura’,” said Pheonix03 on Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll reports that the “Bikini Warriors” anime will be directed by Naoyuki Kuzuya with series composition and screenplays by Tsuyoshi Tamai.

Kosuke Murayama will design the characters with animation production by feel.

Studios and PRA.

The following Japanese voice cast for “Bikini Warriors” was also announced : Ai Kakuma as Mage Chiaki Takahashi as Dark Elf Kana Ueda as Paladin Yōko Hikasa as Fighter For those who are not familiar with “Bikini Warriors,” the official website provides the following description for the project: “The setting is an RPG-style world with swords and magic, where adventurers form a party to challenge the demon king’s right to rule.

But, the adventurers all have beautiful breasts, enormous breasts, and bikini armor!!” Although there’s no word yet on whether the series will be licensed for release outside of Japan, internet translators are sure to help fans see “Bikini Warriors” across the globe.


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