BIGBANG’s Taeyang Always Blames Himself Everytime They Fight With S/O Min Hyo Rin

BIGBANG's Taeyang Always Blames Himself Everytime They Fight With S/O Min Hyo Rin

BIGBANG's Taeyang Always Blames Himself Everytime They Fight With S/O Min Hyo Rin

  In BIGBANG’s recent appearance in MBC’s “Radio Star”, members have revealed how member Taeyang acts when he fights with his significant other, actress-singer Min Hyo Rin. The K-pop idol apparently blames himself everytime they fight. According to Koreaboo , BIGBANG’s G-Dragon stated that Taeyang’s attitude relies mainly on Min Hyo Rin. BIGBANG members can also always tell when the couple is fighting. G-Dragon stated that Taeyang is always a happy guy. But there are some times that Taeyang would feature a sulking face and would sigh a lot. BIGBANG members don’t even dare ask because they already know Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin are quarrelling.
The “Radio Star” host then asked Taeyang if his girlfriend controls his mood but he denied it. BIGBANG’s Seungri however, said that that’s exactly the case. T.O.P also revealed that Taeyang never gets angry with Min Hyo Rin. He instead blames himself when BIGBANG members ask the reason for their fight. “I think Taeyang is too devoted to her,” said BIGBANG’s Daeyang. “Once when they fought he said ‘I think my entire existence is wrong’,” he further revealed. “I’m very lacking in this department because she’s my first girlfriend. Especially when I’m angry, I don’t know what to do,” finally reveals Taeyang. “I always want to do right by her but I’m lacking, and I get frustrated at myself.” Min Hyo Rin also appeared last year in the same show and revealed that she and Taeyang already broke up once. She immediately followed up her statement and added that her relationship with the BIGBANG member should not be considered weak because they already broke up once. In other news, BIGBANG recently achieved 7 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. According to All Kpop , they are the first K-pop group to achieve such feat. BIGBANG’s YouTube channel currently has 616 videos, including music videos, music show performances, behind the scene footages, and more. BIGBANG’s channel is now the 3 rd most subscribed K-pop channel next to SMTOWN and Psy’s channel.     

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