BIGBANG’s T.O.P is Still Unconscious in ICU, Caused by Sedative Drug Overdose

BIGBANG's T.O.P is Still Unconscious in ICU

BIGBANG's T.O.P is Still Unconscious in ICU, Caused by Sedative Drug Overdose

T.O.P was found unconscious and he was taken to ICU after being expelled from his military service. He is now still not awake and his family is by his side to wait for the test result of him. T.O.P seems to be really stressed and depressed with all of the news about his marijuana scandal. He was also expelled from his army duty and he will have to re-enlist again next time. It is hard for T.O.P because he receives all the spotlight and he has made his fans and loved ones disappointed to his action. After being found unconscious, T.O.P is now still in ICU to receive the treatment and thankfully his mother is by his side. YG Entertainment gave their confirmation by saying that T.O.P is hospitalized due to a drug overdose, Asian Junkie  reported.
Many of T.O.P’s fans left a comment online hoping that the artist will regain consciousness soon and it is a pity that he has to go such a hardship, Soompi  reported. Many others think that T.O.P must take too many pills because he feels stressed about his situation. Meanwhile, another update of T.O.P’s news stating that T.O.P’s body are responding but he is still not awake. Also, another report saying that T.O.P’s life is not in danger even though he is still unconscious in ICU. Hearing the news, fans are relieved that T.O.P will be fine after receiving treatments, but others are still worried about him. T.O.P was first caught smoking marijuana with a female trainee at his house after the trainee admitted smoking marijuana. He was caught using drug three times around October 2016 right before his enlistment. The test result of T.O.P saying that he was positive using marijuana and he was charged for illegal drug use. It has been T.O.P in the headlines about his marijuana scandal after he was expelled from his military service. T.O.P’s family and fans hope that T.O.P will regain conscious soon and there is no problem with his body. Read Next: Netizens Critiqued T.O.P For Smiling When He Was Expelled From Army Duty  

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