Bigbang’s Song ‘FXXT IT’ Has Got 1 Million Likes On YouTube, Plus See More Of Members’ News This Year

Bigbang's Song 'FXXT IT' Has Got 1 Million Likes On YouTube

Bigbang's Song 'FXXT IT' Has Got 1 Million Likes On YouTube, Plus See More Of Members' News This Year

The domination of Big Bang still goes on. They have proven to be the king of boy group in South Korea. The leader and fashion lover, G-Dragon, gives big influence for the popularity in Korea and around the world. Their latest MV, “FXXT IT” has reached million likes on YouTube. According to HelloKpop , Bigbang made a comeback to celebrate their 10 th  anniversary through album “MADE” on Dec. 12. The album got so much attention, especially to fans as they have waited for a long time. They released some songs for their latest album including “Last Dance” and “Girlfriend”. For the MV “FXXT IT,” they even reached 4.6 million views only for the half day of the release.
Their new songs topped the major charts after the release. Recently, according to  AllKpop , the song “FXXT IT” has reached a million likes on YouTube after two months of the release. This hit joins the song “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby” who has reached more than million likes on YouTube. The number of likes shows that Bigbang’s song is still waited and they are satisfied with it. Bigbang has done a concert to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. But, fans were sad that T.O.P has left for army. Some fans even came to watch him leaving for army even though he already requested to have privacy on it. For GD and Taeyang, both will have their solo activities this year. It will be great to watch the two having great comebacks. For Seungri, he has to deal with the lawsuit given to him for the accusation of withholding the profits of real estate investment. The company tried to contact him but failed so they decided to file a lawsuit to solve the problem. For Daesung, he will continue his activity as a member of Bigbang. Even after T.O.P’s leaving 4 members plan to have Japan Tour this year around May. Their performance will be waited by the fans in Japan.

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