BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Sucks In Dating, Reveals Co-Members On ‘Radio Star’

BIGBANG's G-Dragon Sucks In Dating

BIGBANG's G-Dragon Sucks In Dating, Reveals Co-Members On 'Radio Star'

  BIGBANG recently appeared on an episode of MBC’s “Radio Star”. On the show, BIGBANG members discussed G-Dragon’s failed relationships. Koreaboo reports BIGBANG members all agree that G-Dragon is a person who really does not know how to handle a relationship. They even revealed how G-Dragon is good on giving relationship advices to the group but would always suck at dating. However, Taeyang revealed that he once received a relationship advice from G-Dragon regarding his relationship with actress Min Hyo Rin. Taeyang revealed that G-Dragon’s advices are no good at all.
“He’s [G-Dragon] very good at counseling you, warning you, and giving advice, but none of it is helpful at all,” said BIGBANG’s Taeyang. He later added that if you would follow G-Dragon’s advice, relationship problems would get even worse. Member Seungri then revealed why some of BIGBANG’s songs are sad. “It’s because G-Dragon’s relationships have all failed,” said Seungri. Savage! However, member T.O.P saved G-Dragon’s back. T.O.P said that in all honesty all of them in BIGBANG are really clueless on how to have a normal relationship. He later adds that they are all abnormal when it comes to dating. In other news, G-Dragon has uploaded a rather sad photo in his Instagram account. As expected, fans were there to cheer the idol up. The picture he uploaded was not of him though, but it contained a text that would give the impression of G-Dragon being sad and/or stressed. But as always, his fans were immediately there to cheer him up, reports Pop Crush . One fan stated her concern for G-Dragon hoping that he’s doing alright. Another fan suggested that he should take a load off and go somewhere for a vacation. Others were, however, empathetic of the G-Dragon. This just showed that our assumptions of famous idols being happy and contented in their lives are all wrong and that they too feel the pressure of the world.      

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