BIGBANG Partners Up With UNICEF For Their 10th Anniversary!

This month,  BIGBANG  partnered up with the Korean Committee for  UNICEF  to encourage the public to donate more to the organization. On Monday,  UNICEF  released a clip of the boy group raising awareness about  UNICEF ‘s Special Day Donation program which hopes to motivate people to make donations on special occasions such as on birthdays, wedding and or relationship anniversaries.
BIGBANG ‘s agency,  YG Entertainment , says, “BIGBANG decided to collaborate with UNICEF because this year is the group’s 10th anniversary since debut and it means a lot to them. Working with UNICEF will make their 10th anniversary even more special.” Please root for the  BIGBANG ‘s  10th anniversary  with  UNICEF  by sharing today! To join the campaign, click  here .    

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