Big Bang’s Seungri Returns To Instagram As G-Dragon And Taeyang Unleash ‘Good Boy’ Single

Big Bang's Seungri Returns To Instagram As G-Dragon And Taeyang Unleash 'Good Boy' Single
Big Bang's Seungri Returns To Instagram As G-Dragon And Taeyang Unleash 'Good Boy' Single

After a three-month hiatus, Big Bang’s youngest member Seungri has returned to social media for the first time since his car accident.

On Thursday, Seungri updated his Instagram account with a photo of himself holding a dog.

Coincidentally, the long-awaited update comes on the same day as the release of “Good Boy,” a track featuring fellow Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang.

“Welcome back,” commented Jessa Paculan on Instagram.

“I hope to see you on the stage with Big Bang.” This is also the first social media update from Seungri since his car accident in September.

“It is a relief that Seungri did not sustain injuries,” said record label YG Entertainment to My Daily shortly after the accident.

“After he was moved to the hospital and received treatment, the results showed that there were no problems with his body.

It was not drunk driving.” “The report that [Seungri] injured his liver and is undergoing surgery for it is false,” said a record label rep.

“Although he sustained slight internal bleeding, the medical team made the diagnosis that it’s something that will be fully healed if he takes it easy for a week.” “It’s true he hurt his liver, but he’s just receiving treatment, not undergoing surgery.

We expect him to stay at the hospital for about a week.

He will participate in the investigation with the police after he finishes his treatment.” Meanwhile, the music video for “Good Boy” has already amassed over two million views in less than 24 hours.

Because there are three remaining slots in YG Entertainment’s hip-hop project, some observers believe this will lead up to a Big Bang comeback confirmation when Seungri, T.O.P.

and Daesung are subsequently revealed.

“It must be Big Bang,” commented tssbfilms on  allkpop .

“The other three unknown might be Big Bang members!”    

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