Big Bang’s G-Dragon Is Sandara Park’s Ideal Type

Big Bang's G-Dragon Is Sandara Park's Ideal Type

Big Bang's G-Dragon Is Sandara Park's Ideal Type

A former member of 2NE1, Sandara Park, is indeed having a really good time in her career as she has a lot of projects going on. One of the most notable ones is her Korean movie debut, “One Step”. And recently, she confirmed that she really has no time when it comes to dealing with her love life. But surprisingly, despite her recent revelation, she also gave out some hints as to what kind of guy his ideal type is. Just recently, Sandara Park took the opportunity to talk about her love life when she visited the Philippines for the promotion of her movie, “One Step”. In the interview, she revealed a lot about her plans for her career as well as the details about her personal life.
And with the interview, Sandara Park wasn’t able to dodge through the rumors about her possible romantic relationship with G-Dragon. According to Korea Portal , Sandara Park says that the ideal type of guy is someone who shares her hobbies and interests. She specifically states that he wants a guy who is also into music, fashion and even cats. One of the best highlight statements that she says during the interview was that she prefers to date slim guys over the built ones. She specifically says that she wants a slim and cute guy. Sandara Park reveals that she isn’t into muscular guys because she herself is a petite girl. The “One Step” star also took the chance to deny all of the allegations that she has something to do with the breakup of her close Filipino friend, Robi Domingo, shot broke up with Gretchen Ho, her long time girlfriend. Sandara Park says that they are just good friends and nothing more. According to Asia Starz , despite the obvious hints that she said when she describes her ideal guy, she still says that she and G-Dragon didn’t have something romantic between the two of them.

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