‘Big Bang Theory’ Season Finale Spoilers Revealed; Major Cliffhangers Leave Fans Disappointed!

'Big Bang Theory' Season Finale Spoilers Revealed; Major Cliffhangers Leave Fans Disappointed!
'Big Bang Theory' Season Finale Spoilers Revealed; Major Cliffhangers Leave Fans Disappointed!

The season finale of the “Big Bang Theory” has left fans emotional and a little bit disappointed with the major cliffhangers shown.

As promised by the producers, the final episode was indeed emotional, according to fans.

One of the highlights of the episode was focused on Johnny Galecki’s character,  Leonard and Kaley Cuoco’s character, Penny.

Sheldon brings up the fact that the couple has been engaged for already a year, yet there still isn’t a wedding date set.

“It doesn’t matter if we get married tomorrow or a year from now or 50 years from now,” Leonard said.

After which both Penny and Leonard decide to leave town to get married in Vegas that same night.

On their way to Vegas, however, Leonard confesses something to Penny that changes the whole note of their evening.

He told her that he made out with another woman during the time that they were dating, but made it clear that it happened before they even got engaged.

Penny gets mad about the fact that her future husband kept it from her all these years and decided to tell her the night of their supposed wedding.

She assumed that Leonard was telling her that to throw off the wedding, to which Leonard denies her assumption and tells her that he still wants to completely get through with marriage.

The two then continue to drive to their destination with awkward looks on their faces.

Another highlight in the episode was what happened between Jim Parson’s character, Sheldon and Mayim Bialick’s character, Amy.  As known by followers, Sheldon does not usually react much to his relationship with Amy, leaving Amy feeling a little unwanted and taken for granted at times.

Despite his lack of expressions, however, it is known that Sheldon indeed loves Amy.

In the episode, Sheldon and Amy was seen kissing, after which Sheldon cuts it short to ask her if he should start watching  “The Flash.” Amy becomes upset but Sheldon does not seem to understand why.

Mayim’s character is then not seen for the rest of the episode until the latter part where she calls Sheldon up to say that she needs time to think and to re-evaluate their situation.  After the call, Sheldon turns away and tries to talk to the Gollum figurine he had on his desk.

“Well Gollum, you’re an expert on rings,” he said.

“What do I do with this one?” He then reaches out to his desk and reveals a black box that has an engagement ring inside.

After this scene, the closing credits appear and leave fans to wonder as to what is set to happen on the next season.

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