Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 2 Will Again Be On A Monday Slot, Reruns To Follow New Episode

Big Bang Theory fans will again be treated to a back-to-back episode this Monday, at least for three weeks due to the huge reception in last Monday’s premiere of its 8 th  Season, reported.

This time however, the back-to-back episode will be a new one and a rerun.

Last week, Big Bang Theory Season 8 hits primetime again Sept.

22 with the favorite show picking up where they left off in Season 7 and saw us seeing Sheldon back after last season’s finale where he planned to take off.

According to LATimes, the Nielsen ratings showed that Big Bang Theory was the most watched show with over 17 million viewership among adults 18-49.

The high ratings have CBS deciding to put the show again on a Monday timeslot and move up other scheduled show in the network.

Although fans seemed to love the Big Bag Theory’s first episode of Season 8, there were reports that fans are not actually keen on Kaley Couco-Sweeting’s new haircut.

An earlier article by Inquisitr.

Com stated that tweets of fans about Kaley’s new pixie haircut are not at all flattering.

 Kaley who plays Penny is now donning a shorter hair cut as she dabbles in a new career- a pharmaceutical representative at Bernadette’s company.

TV Recap reviewed the first two episodes of the highly rated show and has this to say, “Overall, season 8’s first two episodes were like returning home: You’re always happy to arrive, but once you’re there, you realize nothing ever changes.

Not that that is always a bad thing, but it would be nice to see some development stick from season to season.

And while Sheldon’s character growth may have been very short-lived, at least he played a role in the action.

Leonard and Raj are still on this show, right?” This Monday, Sept.

29, the episode is titled ‘The First Pitch Sufficiency,’ and according to Spoiler Guide, NASA “to throw out the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels game” asks Howard Wolowitz.

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