Big Bang Releases Teaser For 2015 World Tour In Seoul [VIDEO]

Big Bang Releases Teaser For 2015 World Tour In Seoul [VIDEO]
Big Bang Releases Teaser For 2015 World Tour In Seoul [VIDEO]

Spring is proving to be an exciting time in K-pop with comebacks and debuts happening left and right.

But arguably, there was perhaps no announcement more exciting than the return of YG Entertainment’s Big Bang.

Especially since G-dragon expressed that they were working on a comeback almost six months ago.

Unfortunately, little is known about Big Bang’s comeback other than it is confirmed.

Until then, fans in Seoul will be getting a treat in the form of a Big Bang World Tour Concert.

After releasing a poster for the event, the idol group released a teaser today, showcasing their charisma.

The concert is set for dates April 25 and April 26.

Fans can watch the new teaser below.

    So far, fan reactions to the tour announcement have mostly been pleas for Big Bang to actually tour the world and hit up locations outside of Seoul.

“The concert turn up this time will be far more than ever before.

A lot missed their 2012 Alive World Tour.

This time it’s going to be massive.

I really hope they’ll come to Malaysia again,” explained Allegra Aisha on AllKpop.

“Why don’t I live in any Big Bang concert location? The closest city is Atlanta which they never freaking go to,” commented Celebration.

“They have to come to Paris!” exclaimed OhDearGod.

Earlier this week YG Entertainment revealed via a Who Is Next explosion that Big Bang would be coming back this year.

Unfortunately, the comeback poster had a total of five dates listed which could mean a plethora of things.

Could it be five new singles? Five new teasers? One thing is for certain, Papa YG is still up to his usual trolling of fans.

At least fans can be happy that there will be some upcoming concert footage to ease their Big Bang appetites until the official 2015 comeback.

After all, there’s nothing like seeing G-dragon, T.O.P., Seungri, Daesung, and Taeyang all together in one place.

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