Big Bang Confirm 2015 ‘Made’ Comeback Concert Tour Dates For China, Malaysia And Japan

Big Bang Confirm 2015 'Made' Comeback Concert Tour Dates For China
Big Bang Confirm 2015 'Made' Comeback Concert Tour Dates For China

  VIPs rejoice as Big Bang’s 2015 comeback is now officially underway.

After two successful concerts in Seoul, the group is now ready to bring their “Made” tour to their international fans.

Thankfully, the fans won’t be forced to wait much longer for their favorite K-pop group despite YG’s tendency to delay comebacks.

Today Big Bang announced the official dates for their “Made” World Tour through Asia.

Specifically, tour dates were confirmed for China, Malaysia, Japan and a few other areas in Asia.

Big Bang will set out for the tour on May 30, in Guangzhou, China.

Their tour will last until 2016, where they will finish with a Dome tour in Japan.

Fans can check for their country by visiting the official YG Entertainment website .

For fans wondering what the concept behind the new album “Made” is, A YG Entertainment official describes it as follows: “As this is a comeback in a long while, Big Bang had been working on this album with their best effort for a long time.

Thus, because it is a new album that has been completed through a course of a long period of time, we decided to title it ‘MADE’.

‘MADE’ is a word that is also used when something great has finally been achieved.” Although the dates have yet to be announced, fans in the Americas are expected to also get a chance to see Big Bang perform songs from their album “Made.” In the meantime, they can look forward to the first two single releases for “Loser” and “Bae Bae” on May 1.

Following those single releases, Big Bang will release new music every month until the full album release on September 1.

For those VIPs who remember, this follows the same schedule of Big Bang’s debut in 2006.

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