Beyonce’s 7/11 Video Goes Viral Gets 2.8 Million Views Days Before Its Official Debut

Beyonce’s new 7/11 music video has earned 2.8 million views, New York Daily News reported.

The new video looks like a low-budget one with her and other dancers showcasing dance moves, it went viral on Friday.

The video gained popularity in the social media and it reported to all feature her daughter Blue Ivy.

The spiel of Beyonce’s daughter was brief.

However some reports surmised that the new music video was to rival Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj.

The video is part of the platinum edition of Beyonce’s album set to debut Nov.24.

 The album will also include the new song ‘Ring Off’ and will feature 14 songs.

Public’s curiosity was again aroused regarding the real score between powerful couple Beyonce and Jay Z when the Internet is abuzz with a leaked new song called “Ring Off.” Beyonce’s new song again put the couple’s marriage in scrutiny through reading between the lines of the lyrics.

“In the mirror you would stare/And say a prayer like, ‘I wish he said I’m beautiful’/ I wish it didn’t hurt at all/I don’t know how I got here, I was once the one who had his heart,” the lyrics read.

“Until you had enough, then you took that ring off/You took that ring off/ So tired of the lies and trying and fighting and crying/ You took that finger,” the lyrics of the song as quoted by Celebrity Yahoo news stated.

Rumors earlier said that when Beyonce and Jay Z wrap up their ‘On The Run Tour’ concert, the two will be announcing their break-up, however that was in September and the two are still together and have been seen in several occasion after that to be affectionate to each other.

However is appears that there is no trouble in paradise.

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