Bethenny Frankel Jason Hoppy Divorce Update: He Wants SkinnyGirl Out Of His Apartment! Says Office ‘Disturbs Bryn And Her Sleeping’

  Bethenny Frankel Jason Hoppy Divorce Gets Dirtier As She Might Be Told By Judge To Find New SkinnyGirl Office

Bethenny Frankel Jason Hoppy Divorce Drama Update: Bethenny Frankel may need to find a new office because her ex Jason Hoppy wants the SkinnyGirl staff out of his aprtment, which he still strangely shares with his ex Bethenny! The divorce gets uglier as Jason Hoppy has begged a judge to get the SkinnyGiirl staff out of his apartment because it is disturbing his daughter Bryn and interfering with her sleeping patterns.

He says the staff gather in the common areas and talk about grown up things very loudly, and Hoppy doesn’t want Bryn exposed to Bethenny Frankel’s chatty staff anymore.  A number of staff, including a marketing executive and a group of interns, work from the home office which is where Jason Hoppy resides in the same apartment as Frankell.

Bethenny may need to find a new office for the staff if the judge sides with Hoppy and disagrees with Frankel’s plea to keep her SkinnyGirl team in the apartment.

 The judge’s decision is still pending but Bethenny really should just agree with Hoppy.

Bethenny is a multi millionaire who can afford a huge office in Manhattan that isn’t inside her apartment where her daughter sleeps and her ex still resides.

She should also just buy a new apartment altogether since the divorce drama with Hoppy just keeps heating up and daughter Bryn should not be in the middle of the divorce mess.

Is Bethenny being cheap?  “It’s not a big office, but the employees use the bathrooms in the apartment and often gather in the kitchen to just gab,” a source close to the couple revealed.

“It’s very concerning for Jason.

He believes it’s disrupting Bryn’s sleep schedule.

He is also concerned for Bryn’s safety, as Jason doesn’t know the background of these people. It makes no sense to cram all of those people into that small room.

Jason believes that Bethenny is trying to make him as miserable as possible in their apartment…

especially considering that she can certainly afford to lease office space for the staffers.” The divorce drama doesn’t end there.

Just yesterday it was recorded that a judge has prohibited Hoppy and Frankel from secretly recording each other! Apparently Jason and Bethenny will do anything to gain sole custody of daughter Bryn, even if that means secretly recording each toehr.  Jason Hoppy has been secretly recording Bethenny’s Skinny Gril staff and Bryn’s nanny though TMZ confirms that Bethenny is not guitly of pulling this dirty trick.

The of use tape recorders, cell phones or computers to record each other is now officaily off limits for Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy.

It’s going to far! Bethenny Frankel is fighting for sole custody of daughter Bryn but Jason will do anything to see his daughter.

And why is Bethenny so determined to keep her daughter from father Jason Hoppy? Does Bethenny actually think she can keep Jason away from his daughter? Because there is no way Hoppy is rolling over and letting Bethenny get her way.

Jst because he can’t record her and her staff doesn’t mean he doesnt have other dirty tricks up his sleeve.

According to RadarOnline a source close to Bethenny and Jason says “In what world does Bethenny live in where she thinks Jason would just walk away from Bryn? It’s clear to Jason that Bethenny once she had their child, she got what she wanted from the relationship and she walked away.” “Anything he can do to push her buttons, it’s being done.

She can’t steamroll Jason,” the source added.

“They hardly speak to each other, but when they do, it’s nasty,” the insider said.

To make matters worse Jason Hoppy insists hes just a sperm donor to Bethenny Frankel! Does Hoppy mean the insult or is he just pushing Bethenny’s buttons as she fights for sole custody of Bryn? The divorce drama heats up even more  as Jason Hoppy tells Bethenny that he feels he was just ‘a sperm donor,’ according to

Hoppy and Frankel, who actually still live together, are fighting over custody of daughter Brynn.

The insults get uglier as the pair throw jabs at each other to piss each other off as they fight for sole custody of their daughter.

The once amicable split has turned into an unflattering battle of words for Bethenny and Jason.

 Jason Hoppy says he was ‘A sperm donor’ to Bethenny Frankel because as soon as they had their child Bethenny checked out of the marriage.

Was she really just using him? On Bethenny’s Bravo reality shows the couple looked very much in love and I personally believe that the fight for their daughter has caused the pair to push each others buttons instead of remembering how much they loved each other.

For the sake of their daughter Bethenny should drop the custody battle and let Jason see thier daughter as much as he wants.

All of the fighting between the two can not be healthy for baby Bryn.

End It Bethenny and stop with the insults Jason! Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s divorce is getting extremely unflattering since the news of their divorce.

Jason and Bethenny had an “epic argument” a few weeks ago after a divorce court hearing where  Bethenny called Jason “trash” and “lazy” and “stupid.”  The worst part; Bethenny said these nasty comments in front of daughter Bryn.

Jason won’t move out of their Tribeca apartment to be close to their daughter and the financial wars continue in divorce court, aoliing with custody battles that Bethenny refuses to budge from.

Frankel allegedy called Hoppy the atrocious names because of Hoppy’s stubbornness in court.

The ex RHONY just wants to settle and move on and thinks Jason is just being a baby.

A source close to Frankel and Hoppy said about that divorce blowup: “The argument took place in their swanky Tribeca apartment.

She also said Jason was lazy and stupid, because Jason doesn’t have a regular full-time job.” The argument caused Jason’s lawyer to file documents in the ongoing custody dispute over Bryn.

Hoppy recently told Frankel that he didn’t want Bryn to appear on her upcoming talk show, after cameras wre rolling with Bryn in their multi-million dollar apartment.

Bethenny was forced to film in her bedroom instead of in the common spaces of the NYC home.

“He doesn’t want Bethenny to have Bryn in the audience, or do pre-taped segments for the show.

He just doesn’t feel that their daughter should be on display on Bethenny’s talk show,” a source said.

And one insider says Hoppy is careful about what he says around their daughter.

“Jason has always been very, very careful to never say anything negative about Bethenny in front of Bryn, the source said, adding that Jason believes Bethenny does not play by the same rules.

An eyewitness says Frankel arrived to court looking frail, tired, and underweight, while ex-husband Hoppy was “tan, put together, sharp and well rested.” Hoppy was still wearing his wedding band, but the “Bethenny Ever After” star was not.

The reality star turned talk show host has plenty reason to be exhausted these days.  Looking after a three year old, running a multimillion dollar empire, and starring in multiple television shows can’t be easy for the native New Yorker.  Adding a messy, heartbreaking, publicized divorce to the mix…

Frankel looks less like her formal glamorous self and more in desperate need of a nap.

Frankel, 42, split from husband Jason Hoppy, 41, a pharmaceutical sales exec, just before Christmas.

The pair married in March 2010 on her reality show “Bethenny Getting Married” and filed for divorce in January 2013.

Bethenny is also asking the court for full custody of daughter, but Hoppy won’t budge.

Bethenny will have to prove that she is a more fit parent than Hoppy, taking multiple parental tests and digging up reasons why Hoppy is not as fit to look after Bryn as she is.

She will have to argue that he should receive meaningful visitation but not make day-to-day decisions over the child.

In a past interview, Bethenny opened up about her divorce:  “It’s rough.

I have to say, divorce is the most difficult thing you could ever go through in your entire life,” said the “Bethenny” host.

Though at first Bethenny announced: “We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter who is and will always remain our first priority,” but as the divorce gets more heated the Skinny-Girl CEO is clearly changing her tune.

She told morning anchor Greg Kelly On April 11th that divorce is a “brutal, unnatural situation.” “I never heard how excruciating it is,” she admitted, adding that she “never thought” she’d be in this situation.


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