Bethany Mota Secretly Battling Health Issues On Dancing With The Stars? Partner Derek Hough Hints At YouTube Sensation’s Hidden ‘Adversity’ After Elimination From DWTS Final

  YouTube sensation Bethany Mota and her partner Derek Hough were eliminated from season 19 of Dancing with the Stars on Monday night.

After the show, Access Hollywood caught up with Bethany and Derek, who raved about his partner’s positive attitude.

However, Hough, the dancing pro who has won the show’s Mirrorball Trophy five times in the past, also suggested that Mota may have been dealing with a mysterious condition behind the scenes throughout the season.

“With Bethany it was such a different experience.

It was such a unique experience,” Hough told the media outlet in the post-show interview.

“And I was so proud of her and she came such a long way.

And, you know what? She got over a lot of adversity that we didn’t even show on TV and camera.

Injuries and things like that.

We didn’t just play to camera and show that.

She really hid it.

And we kept it to ourselves.

And she was a warrior.

She was amazing and I’m just really, really proud of her for that.” When Access Hollywood host Shaun Robinson asked for further details on the Bethany’s issues, Derek and Bethany both played coy, Bethany clearly unwilling to give too many personal details.

Mota did admit that she had “so many bruises.” “We found out that she has…

she actually has something that,” added Hough.

“No, we didn’t not find that out,” responded Mota.

“Oh, girl.

We found out,” teased Hough.

“Trust me we found out.” “It’s not official yet,” added the YouTube star, later promising that “Everything’s all good.” Hough also praised Mota for her positive attitude and good vibes during the competition, saying, “She’s an amazing role model for this generation.” Mota also revealed that one of her favorite parts of competing on “Dancing with the Stars” was the impact she has had on promoting self-confidence among her multitude of followers on YouTube and social media.

“I think just being in this competition shows…

I was in this really dark place years ago.

And I never thought that I would be here.

So to show people that I have made it here, and I got past that and I overcame that, I just hope that can inspire other people,” said Mota.

“And the best thing is when people say that that has inspired them.”    

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