‘Beauty And The Beast’ Disney Live Action Movie To Cast ‘Ghostbusters’ Star Bill Murray As Belle’s Loving Father?

Just like “The Jungle Book” both Disney and Warner Bros.

are planning a “Beauty and the Beast” live action movie.

And while both studios are yet to confirm cast for the upcoming project, a funny

post from Movie Pilot  for Disney dads suggest Bill Murray as Belle’s father, Maurice, saying: “Physically, this is just a bit of a stretch, as Murray would have to gain weight for this…

but I can’t think of anyone else currently alive that could fill this role like he could.

Along with being an incredible comedian, he’s also a great actor, and can bring the loving, but slightly off-kilter inventor to life very well.


that ‘stache! Oh, and they’re both totally party animals” Warner Bros.

first expressed its plan on doing a live-action film for the classic fairy tale with Guillermo Del Toro as director and Emma Watson as the female lead cast Belle on 2012.

However, the supposed plan did not come to life as Del Toro reportedly drops out from the project.

There’s still no news for Del Toro’s replacement as of press time, but Watson is still reportedly on board for Warner Bros.’ Beauty and the Beast live action movie adaptation.

Disney on the other hand, is also planning its own live-action version with “Twilight” director Bill Condon helming the film.

Word has it that Condon is eyeing on Kristen Stewart to play as Belle in the Disney’s classic fairy tale version.

According to Hollywood Life , a source close to the director claims that KStew is favored to play Belle by the newly named Beauty and the Beast movie director.

“The process and the script for the movie are still in the beginning stages but as it fleshes out, Bill Condon has definitely thought of Kristen Stewart as a possible Belle.” However, according to the source there are minor issues that might get in KStew’s way.

“By the time they make the film, it might be 2015 or 2016 and they think she’ll be busy and they might go after somebody younger.

Disney’s thoughts are, the big name for the film should be devoted to the Beast so Kristen has a 50/50 chance to be Belle.” But if things turn out okay for KStew it’ll be a battle between her and Emma Watson.

What about you Kpopstarz readers, who do you think will play the better Belle in Beauty and The Beast live action movie adaptation? Sound off in the comments section below.

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