Beats Music App Review Roundup: Streaming Service Features Extensive Playlists, Beautiful Layout; Is It Really Worth Your Dollars?

Beats Music App review roundup: Expensive headsets and even portable music “pills,” Beats, the newly Apple-owned Beats is claims to deliver “music that’s always just for you.” The premium service, priced at $9.99/month, offers an extensive playlists and probably the best layout in the business for any streaming service.

CNET notes that with the Beats Music app’s “extensive playlists and spot-on recommendations mean you’ll never have to hunt for music.” The tech site also noted it’s stylish design but notes that “the app can be overwhelming because it’s crammed with so much content.” The latter is a reason, however, that maybe to a music lover’s advantage – enormous amount of choices. in its review with the headline “Beats Music review: So good I may finally ditch Rdio!” writer Allyson Kazmucha says that, “When it comes to music curation, Beats Music does not disappoint.

The care and attention that went into balancing usability and features set shows.” In general, review for the Beats Music app has been positive, though some still find it unimpressive, considering that streaming music services with ads are still a good bet for some who doesn’t want to shell money for their tunes.

“Beats Music will likely appeal to the music lover that wants to constantly discover new music and follow popular artists and groups,” writes Andrew Martonik of Android Central, “but for the average listener, your money can be spent elsewhere.

As far as curation, however, which is critical for any streaming music service, Beats Music app is in a good position and is “dead on accurate 99.9% of the time.” Like Spotify and Google Play Music All Access, Beats Music has tie-ins with a carriers.

AT&T users can get up to 3-months free trial and only $14.99/month for a family sharing plan.

As for pricing, the app follows the standard industry pricing of $9.99 per month.

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