BEAST: We Will Cheer On Jang Hyunseung

DESPITE HYUNSEUNG’S DEPARTURE, THE BEAST MEMBERS REMAIN HIGHLY SUPPORTIVE OF HIM. BEAST  returned to the music scene with its third studio album ‘Highlight’ on July 4. The group held various interviews with local media about their latest comeback, when they touched  upon  the reasons behind former member  Jang Hyunseung ‘s departure. The quintet revealed that there was a conflict of interest in the group’s musical direction. While the five other BEAST members preferred mellow songs, Hyunseung took a liking to powerful and energetic tracks, much like his solo debut and efforts with Troublemaker . Hence after a year-long discussion, their agency decided to allow Hyunseung to pursue his music as a solo artist, while BEAST was revamped as five-member group.

The members also expressed: When asked if the members still contact Hyunseung, the quintet replied that as they were busy preparing their comeback activities, they did not have many chances to talk to one another. “We definitely have our own ways to keep in contact, but truthfully we have not talked to him (personally). However, it is because that we have been busy recently. We too hope that we can keep in touch and bring good news to each other as well.” Check out BEAST’s latest title track  Ribbon  below:    

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