Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Movie Updates: A New Design For Batmobile Has Been Revelead! Filming Will Be Held in Illinois On November!

The battle of the two most loved superheroes is highly anticipated and everyone was thrilled when Warner Bros.

announced that everyone’s dream will come to reality as they will make a movie that will star both the superheroes.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will finally answer the dilemma that is often being asked, “Who is greater, Batman or Superman?”

According to MLive, the film is now in its production stage and was seen filming around Detroit particularly in Corktown’s Michigan Central Station.

WXYZ (Channel 7 News) captured last weekend a video that shows production crew being busy over smoke and helicopters at the train station’s east side.

Moreover, MLive also reported that the set based in Tour de Troit has been quiet except for a few security guards that are stationed around the building.

Batman vs Superman began filming early this year in Corktown as well as the riverfront, the former Detroit police headquarters, the former Wayne Country building and at the Russell Industrial Complex.

The Epoch Times, posted a picture and video of the remodeled Batmobile and a new Lex Luthor in Instagram and Twitter.

The said pictures and videos were taken by fans who spotted the actual filming of the movie.

The new Batmobile was seen on a road besides a building.

One of the most obvious characteristics is the door.

Like the previous Batmobiles, it also has two doors, but this time, both doors are opened upward and can be envision as wings.

There are reports that the story of Kent aka Superman will be filmed in a farm in Illinois this coming November.

Superman will be portrayed by Henry Cavil while Ben Affleck will play as Batman.

Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest will be portrayed by Amy Adams while Gal Gadot will be Wonder Woman.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in the big screen on March 2016.


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