‘Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice’ Rumors: Batman Is Broke? Billionaire Bruce Wayne Has Old House As ‘Wayne Manor’ [VIDEO]

“Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” promises to break the usual images of the world’s most beloved superheroes.

The latest news has Bruce Wayne living in a dilapidated “Wayne Manor.” What happened to the savvy billionaire crime fighter? Is he broke?

The video of the alleged Wayne Manor is the latest news to break from the set of Warner Bros and DC Comics flagship movie.

Filming is on full throttle for its March 25.

2016 release.

A dilapidated, worn down Wayne Manor has many implications.

The “Bruce Wayne is broke” theory is just one angle.

Cinema Blend presents more theories on why the extravagance has seemingly disappeared.

“Theory: Bruce Wayne Is Gone, The Batman Lives It was established a long time ago that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be a seasoned veteran when it comes to kicking supervillain ass, but what if Zack Snyder is planning to take that idea to some extreme levels? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Dark Knight may be completely consumed within his superhero identity, allowing some of the symbols of Bruce Wayne – like the mansion – to fall to pieces.” An older, weary Batman may have spilled his secret identity somewhere along the way, and the only way to protect himself is to fake his own death just like the suggested ending in “The Dark Knight Rises.” However, the actual Batman lives and does not leave Gotham (or Metropolis).

“Theory: He Abandoned It After His Parents Died Almost every Batman story ever written has featured adult Bruce Wayne returning to live in his parent’s mansion and using it has a headquarters for his superhero work, but this new location might suggest that Zack Snyder and his crew are going in a different direction with that part of the origin.

Perhaps this version of Bruce Wayne was never able to return to his original home due to the painful memories of his parents.” In this scenario, Wayne Manor will serve as Batman’s answer to Superman’s “Fortress of Solitude” while he makes his base of operations in a different location like the Batcave.

Which of these scenarios will actually play out in the movie? We still have more than a year to find out!

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