‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Plot Rumors: The Dark Knight Is Iron Man Imitation? Critics List Movie’s Mistakes More Than A Year Before Release Date!

“Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” has been marred by criticism right at the conceptual level.

As bits and pieces of plot rumors spill from the set, more clues about the cast and plot have trickled out, and more criticism as well.

There are so many changes that have been spoiled and some of them were actually confirmed.

One of the central changes that the movie has adopted is that Batman will be portrayed as ‘old and weary’ by Ben Affleck.

Since he will be battling Superman, there will be a lot technology employed which can make him too similar to Marvel Studio’s leading hero, Iron Man.

What Culture elaborates: “Since The Dark Knight marked the zenith of Batman on screen, Iron Man has come up and taken the crown of ‘Favourite Superhero Whose Superpower Is Money’.

The once B-List hero (who names themselves after a bland transition metal?) is now the biggest name on the planet and it looks like Batman’s going to try and win that title back by…

copying him? Sure, he’s always had gadgets and stuff, but the heavily armoured get-up sounds like it’s in direct competition with Ol’ Shellhead.

And frankly it’s ridiculous. To quote Batman himself, he’s Batman.

By all means create an in-world justification for how he can legitimately take on the Man of Steel, but remember that he’s the trailblazer, not the imitator.” One bit of news that has yet to be confirmed is the casting of Jena Malone.

If indeed he will play the female Robin, WC has this to say: “Jena Malone’s presence on set has got everyone expectant for her to play Carrie Kelley (although that could have been fan-boy guesswork), which is just another case of the series varying from the norm with no justification for doing so.

Maybe there’s a purpose to a young Lex Luthor, older Batman and a female Robin, but at the moment it’s not been seen.” Director Zack Snyder definitely has his work cut out for him but if he pulls this off, his name will be etched in the comic book movie Hall of Fame.


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