‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Plot Rumors: Kahina In The Film? Aquaman Ally Hints Of Atlantean Attack On Metropolis?

The “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” set photos continue to give clues on the possible plot of the film.

A photo reveals a possible character that hints of more involvement from the King Of Atlantis!

The photo involves a hint on Kahina, an ally of Aquaman that was also a member of The Others, a superhero team in the comics.

She is the protector of one of the relics of Atlantis, the Seal of Clarity which gave her precognitive powers.

In the comics, her life was rather brief.

From the Aquaman Wiki: “Kahina the Seer was being chased through the Brazilian Rainforest by Black Manta, hoping that Ya’Wara would help her.

The villain was able to ambush her despite her visions after she dodged the dart but didn’t see that it was explosive, then they battled.

Black Manta defeated, unveiled and told her that he will kill Ya’Wara, he will kill the Others and finally he’ll kill Kahina’s family.

The seer cried, horrified, but Black Manta butchered her and stole the Seal of Clarity, an Atlantean artifact that the seer had and then left the body.” It is unlikely that the scene above would play out and it’s presumed that Kahina, if ever she would be in the film, would be used for her precognitive powers.

It was rumored that the King of Atlantis would lead an attack on Metropolis, specifically blaming Superman for the destruction brought to the Ocean by General Zod’s world machine.

This could be the lead-off for the Justice League.

The relationship between the heroes would be awkward at first before they would find a bigger reason to band together-in the form of a larger threat.

Shades of “Avengers Assemble?” These are all speculations and the Kahina they are referring may not be the Aquaman character.

We’ll find out on March 25, 2016.

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