‘Batman Begins’ Hits New Milestone As Postal Department All Set To Launch Limited Edition Stamp As Part Of The 75th Anniversary Celebration Of The Series!

America’s most loved hero is all set to rule hearts of thousands of fans across the globe with the limited edition postage stamp all set to be launched by the postal authorities on the occasion of the popular animated series completing 75 years.

Each stamp is priced at 49 cents.

The first series of Batman stamps will be launched on 9 th October 2014 amidst celebrations in New York.

Coming in a sheet of 20, this series is being called the ‘Forever’ collection.

The design on these stamps is focused on covering the evolution of batman as America’s quintessential superhero who has and continues to inspire generations of fans in four different eras including his humble beginnings in Gotham and his current role as the tough crime fighter of present day.

Each design is also highlights the work of different creators associated with the Batman series at different stages of time.

Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Entertainment welcomed the announcement and said it was indeed honor to see Batman on the limited edition stamps.

With the series having influenced thousands of fans, the limited edition stamps are also sure to excite collectors.

Additionally, the launch of these limited edition stamps will see Batman join the league of several popular American pop-icons, celebrities and cartoon characters that have been portrayed United States Postal Services.

Other animated characters to have earned the honor of being featured on stamps include The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Superman.

Susan McGowan, the Postal Service’s director of stamp services and corporate licensing, USPS said that it has gradually become a trend to celebrate America’s most loved figures through a limited edition stamp.

The department also takes in suggestions from the people when it comes to making the choice.

Batman emerged as a popular as well as unanimous choice for this year. 

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