‘Bang Bang Bang’ Big Bang’s Most Powerful Beats To Come

‘Bang Bang Bang’ Big Bang’s Most Powerful Beats To Come
‘Bang Bang Bang’ Big Bang’s Most Powerful Beats To Come

Big Bang’s title track of A , the second album of the MADE SERIES , was revealed to be “Bang Bang Bang.”

At 9 AM KST of May 27, YG Entertainment released a poster with the above information.

The poster was colored in passionate red and the phrase, “BIGBANG PRESNENTS, BANG BANG BANG” was written on it.

It is said that “Bang Bang Bang” will be similar to “Fanstastic Baby” and “Lies.” Those who were involved in the production of the track commented, “this track is like that main dish everyone desperately waits for.

It is similar to ‘Lies,’ ‘Last Farewell,’ and ‘Fantastic Baby.’ The beats are faster and more powerful than ‘Fantastic Baby.'” It was also revealed that global choreographer Parris Goebel collaborated with Big Bang and even appeared in the music video for “Bang Bang Bang.” Paris Goebel is known for her works in Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” as well as G-Dragon and Taeyang’s “Good Boy.” After her collaboration with Big Bang, her career took a great upturn and it’s almost impossible to make a schedule with her now.

Anticipation for the music video’s cinematography is also rising.

“Bang Bang Bang” was directed by Seo Hyunseung, who is known for also directing “Fantastic Baby.” “Fantastic Baby” is the most watched Big Bang music video with over 150 million views.

Even with their new album’s release ahead, Big Bang fever is yet to cool down.

Ever since their release on May 1st, “Loser” and “Bae Bae” have been dominating the music charts as well Billboard’s World Digital Song chart.

They held onto their top-ranking statuses until the third week, and even on this last week of May, they are remaining in the top of the music charts.

Big Bang stimulated emotions with “Loser” and “Bae Bae” in May, and now they’re expected to captivate their fans with power and style of “Bang Bang Bang” in June.

A can be preordered online until May 31st and it will be officially released on and offline on June 1st.

With the impact of M still shaking the music world, curiosity is rising over what kind of history A will write.


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