Baekyuhn And Soyou Slays Charts With ‘Rain’ Collaboration

Baekyuhn And Soyou Slays Charts With 'Rain' Collaboration

Baekyuhn And Soyou Slays Charts With 'Rain' Collaboration

Soyou from SISTAR and Baekhyun from EXO have just combined their talent and charm as they partnered in one of the most successful K-pop tracks ever made, “Rain”. Just recently, their song had topped the charts in Korea. However, the song’s success isn’t just confined in their country as it also took China by storm, having topped the charts. It was a big surprise for the artists as well as its agency due to the recent turmoil they are in. This is despite the recent K-pop ban of the Chinese government.
This shows that Chinese people are still supporting South Korean music despite their government’s ban on everything Korean. This is after China showed its discontent when South Korea welcomed its doors to the U.S. THAAD anti-missile system. According to Officially K Music , “Rain” also got first place in the QQ Music’s K-pop chart. It also topped the YinYueTai’s music video charts. In total, it has achieved groundbreaking success in eight major Korean music charts, making it one of the most successful K-pop songs in the industry’s history. According to Soompi , Starship Entertainment, the producer of the song released a statement showing their deep gratitude with all that supported “Rain”. They also said that they will continue making more songs which have the same quality with “Rain”. In conclusion, Baekhyun and Soyou surely had the chemistry to team up in a song such as “Rain”. The two K-pop sensation’s charm, charisma, and talent in singing surely had a factor in the song’s success. This not only helped them in their respective solo careers, but also improved the reputation of their groups, knowing that Baekhyun is from EXO and Soyou from SISTAR. Let’s hope for more collaboration between the two in the months to come. There is no doubt that their future collaboration songs would still top the charts.

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