Baek Ye Rin Thwarts Haters, Perverts & Racists in Her Recent Live Instagram Broadcast

Baek Ye Rin Thwarts Haters

Baek Ye Rin Thwarts Haters, Perverts & Racists in Her Recent Live Instagram Broadcast

Baek Ye Rin defends herself from malicious fans during her live Instagram broadcast.  The singer stood up for herself as the haters throw curses at the idol. According to All Kpop , Baek Ye Rin stood for herself amidst bashing haters throwing her racist slurs and bad words in her recent live Instagram broadcast. The idol has been getting quite the hate from the K-pop community quite recently, too.
In her live Instagram broadcast, Baek Ye Rin answered question from the fans. She willingly answered them and were even talking about her lovely dogs. However, haters joined Baek Ye Rin’s live broadcast a bit later.  In a video recorded by a fan, a pervert said something about Baek Ye Rin in which she responded defensively. 47 seconds later, she threw a curse word to a lady hater. At mark 14:50 on the video, Baek Ye Rin thwarted a racist viewer that said a racist slur for small eyes. She even said she’s going to trace and kill the person that threatened to hack her account. All in all, Baek Ye Rin stood for herself amidst the haters in her Instagram broadcast. You go girl! Baek Ye Rin has really been getting quite the hate recently that she decided to dial down her social media usage. She even posted an extensive message on her Instagram account on March 7. “I plan to not post any private posts except the ones about an important schedule, official events, etc.,” said Baek Ye Rin in her Instagram post. Fortunately she added “But I will still go live often. Let’s meet frequently for good things! Thank you, you guys~” The reason she’s been getting hate is because of the rumors of her dating producer/singer Go Hyung Suk, reports Soompi . They have been reportedly dating for months. Go Hyung Suk, or also known as Cloud was a former member of the duo Cheeze. He produced a song for Baek Ye Rin’s first solo album in 2015 titled “Frank”, her digital single “Bye Bye My Blue” and even a Christmas album titled “Love You on Christmas”.

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