Baek Ye Rin Receives Malicious Messages, Decides to Cut Down Active Social Media Activities!

Baek Ye Rin Receives Malicious Messages

Baek Ye Rin Receives Malicious Messages, Decides to Cut Down Active Social Media Activities!

Baek Ye Rin, reportedly in Mar. 7 posted a long message on her Instagram regarding the malicious messages she received from bashers. In view of these harsh messages, she decided that she will be now limiting the use of her SNS bustles. She accordingly, is stepping away from active social media usage. The vile messages, according to Allkpop , targeted Baek Ye Rin for her recent dating rumor and apparently   of her increasing   popularity. Reportedly, some parts of the messages said that maybe she is now thinking that she is a celebrity because she is handled by a big agency. She should not think that she is like the other renowned musicians, the message reportedly continued.
Other messages allegedly further said that Baek Ye Rin would be a nobody if not for her agency. “You hit on all the guys and made it so obvious that you are dating but did not confirm it lol you are so funny”, a basher accordingly   said. She is reportedly in a relationship with producer cum singer Ko Hyung Sik.   The two artists have apparently been dating for several months now after being together working on their music. Baek Ye Rin supposedly said that it saddened her that fans worry more on the negative side rather than the nice things about her. She ostensibly appreciates her fans’ advice and encouragements, but she could not take any longer. She now plans not to publish any private posts except the ones about an important schedule and official events. Baek Ye Rin, according to Wikipedia , is a singer-songwriter. She made her first appearance in 2012 as a member of 15&. She also became a solo artist in Nov. 2015, with the extended play titled “Frank.”  She reportedly spent five years training in South Korea and the United States. She was also called a genius girl for her vocal talent, skills in playing the piano and being fluent in the English language.   

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