Baek Jin Hee, Jun Kyung Ho set to star in MBC’s drama ‘Missing Nine’

Baek Jin Hee

Baek Jin Hee, Jun Kyung Ho set to star in MBC's drama 'Missing Nine'

An inquiry is a must – a plane crash claimed the lives of many artists, and their nation mourns their disappearance. There must be a storyteller, the lone survivor, a makeup artist,  Baek Jin-Hee-  ( Loving a Thousand Times ).  She is the current image assistant for Jung Kyung Ho ( Because It’s the First Time ) It will be an excellent vehicle for  Baek-Jin Hee  to register how good she is as an actress.
It is her take on an essential character in the series,  Missing Nine  that will soon premiere on MBC’s Wednesday to Thursday drama runs. Setting the plot How an artist, in record low, ( Jung Kyung-ho  ) assay to pull the stars together amidst the wild and dubious life on an island bereft of civilization, is where the drama starts. In point, the conflict and the viable resolution is open from where this story takes off. Which episode comes first will make the audience glued to the television screen. Will it start from the main action- the crash or a reprise of what befell that led to the demise of the county’s celebrities? With the lead roles known, a combination of strong central characters is in play. On a string of recaps Mission Nine will use glamor, fame, and luxury as a takeoff. Led by  Jung Kyung-ho ,  the group needs to draft plans to survive on an island they have no command over. The glamor cast upon celebrities can result in superficial take on anything that readily transpires in the wild. How will one survive with nothing but his artist? The concern now shifts to survival issues not on enhancing beauty.  Jung Kyung-ho set the short-lived fame (he has hit rock bottom as a band leader). His plan turns to durability and endurance because he is alive after all. In reclaiming life (perhaps lost in his waning popularity), he comes to a reality that he still exists. Given the essential elements of a situation (crash), setting (uninhabited island), and characters (people with fame and glory), there is a strong pull to categorize the drama into a survival theme. The setting uninhabited, the plot has a strong pull towards actions that are not only gripping but a matter for eliciting empathy to the forces that make their situation livable. The irony of glamor and fame amidst a backdrop where everyone is unknown is a treatise that does not cease to pervade in this tv drama. How will a group whose lifestyle spring from a glorified status takes to be ordinary people? Will fame and beauty still matter here? More than anything else, a command on how the rest of the characters project to the unforeseen and the unknown os pressing. The constant companions in the dark recesses of the isolated islands are strange.  Delving into the structure The conflict os among a group of characters who find themselves in an unexpected situation where durability counts. Isolation becomes a big part of the narrator’s case (Baek Jin-hee). Characters endure through their choices, depth, ability to rule and the knack to follow. The hurdles can be natural disasters, accident, unforeseen forces of nature, Will there be monsters in their heads as their decisions may clash with each other, What describes the durability is how each of the characters battles the forces alone or with the group. The obstacles are fierce, and the resolutions fast. The fittest survives because of his choices risks to run the alongside each character in the mold. Some point to consider Perhaps the flashback technique will be played to go back to the major scenes. It is not hard because the approach is episodic. Hopefully, the story will not fall apart by the so many storytelling scenes that would take the drama from the central point it wants to portray. Can Jung Kyung-ho, Baek Jin-hee, the lead characters measure their artistic sensitivity and start Missing Nine with as gripping a watch as one would expect?      

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