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Bae Suzy Got An All-Kill For ‘Pretend’ And Park Jinyoung Was So Proud About That

Bae Suzy Got An All-Kill For 'Pretend' And Park Jinyoung Was So Proud About That

Suzy with her solo album and solo variety show really make the fans so happy. She is not only showing her singing skills but also some parts of her real life. It is so nice to see her growing in music and fans are also able to see her daily life. Having both success and music and variety show, JYP praises her for her singing. For her recent song, “Pretend”, Bae Suzy shows how great her vocal control is. According to report from Soompi , the song was released on January 17 and got no.1 on eight digital sales charts. It was an all-kill. She got a great respond from her fans about her song.
The song “Pretend” is talking about how someone is pretending to be happy in some hard situations. Having a great response, she promised the fans to give special performance at Dingo. She said she would sing it live. The song was well received after the release and Suzy fulfilled her promise to sing it live. She sang well on live and fans were so happy about that. It was a big achievement for her as it is her first solo album and her song got all-kill. According to report from AllKpop , Park Jinyoung gave praise for her all-kill. He posted on his instagram that Suzy knows well for her music, fashion and more. He also stated that Suzy listens to her lablemates well. At his post, JYP also congratulated her. The post shows that JYP appreciates her well. He is proud to have her idol grows well and receive much love from the fans. With more activities to come for her solo album promotion, hope that Suzy will get greater respond. Suzy is really expanding her career with her drama and solo album. Her first solo variety show is also a great success. With the schedule packed, hope that she is able to maintain her health and there will be more achievements to come.