Badkiz Tease For Their Hot New Track, ‘HotHae’

Badkiz  is preparing for their August comeback, returning with their fourth single. In the latest update, they have released the teaser for their hot new track, ‘ HotHae ‘.  Badkiz  will be returning with five members, where the two new artists are  U-Si  and  So Min .
From the teaser, it shows off the funky use of instruments, accompanied with a very upbeat tempo. Fans are also given the chance to see how the vocals will sound against such a funky beat. And boy, did they have amazing voices fitting perfectly with this hot new track. This fun summer song definitely fits well with the party vibe and gives off a summer feeling. The video teaser shows scenes that fit well with this song. The girls are seen having fun in the pool and enjoying the DJ party. The video also gives fans the opportunity to see a snippet of the dance choreography, filled with a whole lot of hip shaking. These girls are all beautiful and talented so I am sure fans can’t wait until the full music video is released. The music video for ‘ HotHae ‘ will be released on the 16th of August, so meanwhile remember to check out the teaser above. What do you think about the teaser so far? Let us know below.    

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