B1A4 Baro, Voice Acting For The First Time On ‘The Seven Dwarfs’

B1A4 Baro
B1A4 Baro

B1A4 ‘s member Baro will be trying voice acting for the first time.

Baro will be dubbing for the animation movie “The Seven Dwarfs.” The role he will be playing is the silly yet innocent dwarf.

Bobo is full of curiosity and goes on an adventure with the rest of the dwarves to make up for the big mistake he makes.

Baro said, “I didn’t know acting with just your voice would be this hard.

But something about it makes you fall more in love with it the more you try at it.

My personality is a bit similar to Bobo’s so I think the character will fit me well.” “The Seven Dwarfs” is about the seven dwarves protecting the princess from the witch’s curse.

It will be released on December 24. 

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