B.A.P Tops Germany K-Pop Chart Once Again, ‘New Record’

B.A.P Tops Germany K-Pop Chart Once Again
B.A.P Tops Germany K-Pop Chart Once Again

Group B.A.P has ranked number 1 on the Germany K-Pop chart with “BADMAN” and has broken a new record.

On the German K-Pop Chart that was released on September 26, it revealed that B.A.P’s “BADMAN” was ranked number 1 on the charts.

Back in August, another one of their triple title songs, “Hurricane” also ranked number 1, showing B.A.P’s immense popularity in Germany.

Aside from “BADMAN” at number 1, they also had “ONE SHOT” at number 3 and “Hurricane” at number 5 and “Coffee Shop” at number 14.

B.A.P is the only group to have 3 of their songs on the chart.

Their song, “ONE SHOT” was a song that was released this February, and it is still showing on the charts, revealing its continuous popularity throughout the year.

These German K-Pop chart results are determined by the fans votes every month.

TS Entertainment stated, “We’ve received letters from the German K-Pop chart team congratulating us on our win.

We are always so thankful for all the fans in Germany.” On the other hand, B.A.P will be releasing their Japan debut single on October 9.

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