B.A.P Members Reportedly Meet With CJ E&M, But No Exclusive Contract Signed

B.A.P Members Reportedly Meet With CJ E&M
B.A.P Members Reportedly Meet With CJ E&M

Six-member idol group B.A.P  recently met with entertainment agency CJ E&M to discuss the possibility of signing an exclusive contract, but officials from the latter denied that it will be taking the group under its wings.

“While it is true that we recently met with B.A.P after they requested to have a meeting, we have clearly stated that we are not considering an exclusive contract with them,” CJ E&M reportedly said, according to Soompi .

The denial statement came after initial rumors that the exclusive contract between B.A.P and CJ E&M were almost a done deal, reports Koreaboo , with negotiations remaining on certain terms of agreement.

This is tough news for B.A.P and their fans considering that the group have had to stop their music activities following their legal battle against their current agency TS Entertainment.

In November 2014, all members of the group filed a lawsuit seeking to nullify their contracts under TS Entertainment over charges that the agency did not compensate the members correctly, among other complaints.

The two feuding sides were scheduled to enter a formal trial in mid-March but delays have hounded the proceedings.

Fans showed their support for B.A.P in response to CJ E&M’s dismissal of an exclusive contract with the group.

“Wishing BAP luck and hope they come back soon,” said an online commenter.

“Hope everything gets resolved and they can go back to promoting,” said another online commenter.

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