B.A.P May Be Following In The Footsteps Of Block B & JYJ By Allegedly Suing Their Agency Together

B.A.P May Be Following In The Footsteps Of Block B & JYJ By Allegedly Suing Their Agency Together
B.A.P May Be Following In The Footsteps Of Block B & JYJ By Allegedly Suing Their Agency Together

  On November 27, a report regarding an alleged lawsuit involving T.S.

Entertainment and K-Pop male group B.A.P, was printed through Korean news outlet Xsports News.

Xsports News exclusively reported the story which was then translated by Korean news outlet allkpop .

In the initial report, B.A.P allegedly filed a lawsuit on November 26 through Seoul District Court.


Entertainment initially responded to the allegations with the statement that they were checking on the facts surrounding the lawsuit.

Hours after the initial report from Xsports News,T.S.

Entertainment issued an official statement which was reported in English through Enews . “ TS Entertainment has supported the various activities of the company′s artist, B.A.P, and worked hard to achieve a common goal,”   the company began.

“Under mutual consideration and faith, the company, with the first priority put on the safety of the artist, has cancelled all official schedules and provided a time of rest.

” The members of B.A.P have yet to issue an official statement but T.S.

Entertainment has disavowed knowledge of the lawsuit, claiming that they learned about the allegations through news outlets.

Claims against T.S.

Entertainment which were reported by Xsports News point to so-called slave contracts or exclusive contracts which bind the artists in terms which may be considered unfair by the Fair Trade Commission.

According to the report by Xsports News, the allegations from B.A.P range from civil rights violations to imbalanced compensation, which if proven would be considered violations of the Fair Trade Commission.

The members of B.A.P are collectively issuing allegations against T.S.

Entertainment in which they claim their contract was unfair.

The members went on to cite health issues and a contract which binds them for seven years.

B.A.P signed their contracts in March 2011 but are now citing that the terms are unfair.

Since the group debuted in February 2012, they have been a key group in the export of K-Pop.

B.A.P performed in the United States in 2013 and 2014.

The group was preparing for their South American tour, which is according to T.S.

Entertainment is now being cancelled.

With the group sticking together, this situation is reminiscent of Block B and JYJ.

While former EXO members Kris and Luhan are among the most recent K-Pop idols to deliver unfair contract allegations against their agency, the alleged unified action between all members of B.A.P would share more similarity with steps taken by Block B and JYJ.

In July 2009, former TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu (JYJ) filed a lawsuit in an attempt to separate from their exclusive contract which bound them to the quintet and SM Entertainment.

The dispute was contentious and on-going, with repercussions ranging from television broadcast bans to performance bans at certain venues.

JYJ recently performed one of their TVXQ songs on stage, for the first time since the suit, lending context to the arduous ordeal.

The situation with B.A.P is also reminiscent of Block B.

In January 2013, Block B filed a lawsuit against their agency, Stardom.

Block B delivered strong allegations against Stardom including claims that their wages were unpaid for over a year.

In the lawsuit, the group also claimed that the CEO of Stardom had taken approximately $66,000 U.S.

dollars from the member’s parents.

In May 2013, it was reported that the CEO, Mr.

Lee, had committed suicide.

In Block B’s case, the court ruled in favor of Stardom Entertainment.

Block B went on to transfer as a group to Seven Seas, where they are currently represented.

Block B has been able to successfully comeback from their collective lawsuit, while JYJ had to struggle for a longer period of time.

What do you think of B.A.P’s lawsuit allegations? Why do you think there are so many contract disputes in 2014? 2014 has been a year filled with allegations of unfair contracts and wage disputes.

As the Hallyu Wave grows, so does the push to debut new artists and to promote to the further reaches of the globe.

Why do you think there are so many contract disputes, this year? Comment below.


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