Avril Lavigne Celebrates 30th Birthday Without Diamond Love Ring And Husband Chad Kroeger Further Fuelling Divorce Rumors

Avril Lavigne has turned 30 on August 30, Saturday with a lot of birthday greetings from girl friends and family members who celebrate with her at the  Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

However, E! Online has noticed that the singer’s husband Chad Kroeger is nowhere to be found in the venue.

Further, pictures of the Complicated songstress revealed that she is not wearing the 17 carat emerald engagement ring which Kroeger has given to her months ago.

This is replaced by a pearl ring that goes well with other pearl bracelet accessories and her rose pink, strapless fitting dress.

To complete the birthday outfit, she wears nude pumps.

The 30-year old blonde beauty put the rumors behind in her weekend birthday celebration by having an intimate dinner with close friends at the Akira Back’s Yellowtail Restaurant.

 They are said to be parting until 2:45 am at The Bank Nightclub inside the Bellagio Resort & Casino.

Pictures of the punkstar with her pink birthday cake with a “Happy Birthday Avril Lavigne” design and her happy smile can also be seen.

Earlier that night, she is seen on board a private jet to be joined with her birthday guests later.

Before the weekend ends, she never failed to post something about her birthday on her Twitter followers saying “Thank you to my fans, family and friends for the birthday love,” she tweeted Saturday afternoon before her night out.

“Please check out what we r doing at @AvrilFoundation for @SpecialOlympics.” Divorce rumors of Avril and Chad started weeks ago with a report on US Weekly stating that the Nickelback front man has been telling his friends that he and wife of two years are ending their marriage.

E! Online also reports that the couple recently suffered from fights as both of them flirts and are jealous for each other.

This is what a source told E!, “there’s jealousy on both sides.

She flirts, he flirts.

She’s very insecure to begin with.” Further, an unnamed  friend of the Skater Boy punk-rock singer fuelled the rumors saying: “Chad is just a complete jerk in the way he talks to her, and the way he talks to people in general,’ a Lavigne pal told the mag.

‘A lot of her friends don’t like him.” A recent album which the couple has collaborated is also said not to have reaped impressive sales.


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