Avengers Hulk To Have Spin-Off Movie; Original Live Action Hulk Lou Ferrigno Claims He’s The Best Ever

  Plans to have a stand-alone Hulk movie has surfaced.

The original live-action Hulk Lou Ferrigno has also surfaced, and declares that he’s the “best Hulk ever.” Comic book writer Mark Waid who writes “The Indestructible Hulk” shares the exciting story arc he’s cooking, and also anticipates the return of the Green Goliath to the big screen, not as part of “The Avengers” but in his own solo feature.

In an interview with Newsrama, he comments on the idea of having a new Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo, who played the Hulk in “The Avengers”:   “Oh, please, yes! He’s tailor made for a film adventure.

Wasn’t he the breakaway star of Avengers? He was in my theater, I’ll tell you that! [Ruffalo is] spot-on.

I love how he’s more driven than tormented, and the Bruce Banner/Tony Stark bromance is positively inspirational.”    He continues:  “Brian Michael Bendis was explaining how time was broken in the aftermath of  Age of Ultron , and someone at the table started joking that Marvel needed a “time policeman” to control the chaos and protect the timestream.

As a joke, I volunteered Hulk–the least likely candidate for precision missions–but we all liked it!” In other news, Lou Ferrigno, the bodybuilding champion who played the Hulk in the 80s TV series “The Incredible Hulk” believes he is the best and most memorable Hulk: “When I was doing the third season of the show, I was sitting in my trailer in full makeup and there’s a knock on the door.

An older guy walks in with glasses and gray hair and a kid with him.

He said, ‘My name is Cary Grant – can I please take a picture with you?’ I was floored.” “The truth is, I’ve been the Hulk my whole life,” he said.

“The Hulk was the beginning of me, a platform as an actor to grow.

I don’t think anybody else can play the Hulk like I could.

I was able to show emotions even with all of the makeup.

I don’t think it can be duplicated.” For Joss Whedon’s 2012 hit “The Avengers,” Ferrigno provided the voice of the CG-rendered Hulk, even calling Tom Hiddleston’s Loki a “puny god” at one point.


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