‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 2016 Release Date Still A Mystery Despite Reports

'Attack On Titan' Season 2 2016 Release Date Still A Mystery Despite Reports
'Attack On Titan' Season 2 2016 Release Date Still A Mystery Despite Reports

  2016 is now a little over six months away, which seems like only a short period of time to wait for something.

  Unless you’ve already waited a year and half for said thing.

Despite the somewhat long wait, “Attack on Titan” anime fans were informed months ago that the highly anticipated second season will be finished by 2016.

There is not an official date in 2016, but according to Anime News Network ‘s report from the “Attack on Titan: Crimson Bow & Arrow” press conference, cast and crew confirmed that by next year, “Attack on Titan” season two would arrive.

Otherwise, there have been no other true updates about the new season.

Several sites continue to report alleged updates and production statuses, but the truest update comes in the form of a vague statement on the part of Wit Studio executive Yusuke Ueda: “I’m very sorry to say we can’t say right now specifically at this point when it will be available, but I think at this point, if you are patient and wait and look forward to it, we will have some good news for you soon,” explained Ueda at the 2015 Sakuracon (via ANN ).

Since Ueda said this almost a month ago, it’s likely that some fans are getting restless with waiting to hear about “Attack on Titan” season two.

Luckily, the two new “Attack on Titan” films (both the animated and live-action versions) will keep the desire for new Titan content satisfied.

If not, Wit Studios is still churning out action packed anime series unrelated to fighting titans.

The animation house recently aired their original series “Rolling Girls,” and are currently airing “Seraph of the End.” For fans outside of Japan, Funimation licensed both series, and streamed them simultaneously with their Japanese broadcasts.

“Attack on Titan” season two may seem like it must be just around the corner, but until there’s another official announcement, I definitely won’t be holding my breath.


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