‘Attack On Titan’ Live Action Movie Trailer Released With English Subs [VIDEO]

'Attack On Titan' Live Action Movie Trailer Released With English Subs [VIDEO]
'Attack On Titan' Live Action Movie Trailer Released With English Subs [VIDEO]


  The “Attack on Titan” live action movie may have first been limited to just Japan, but now it looks like some international fans will get a chance to watch it in theaters.

Sadly, these international fans still doesn’t include the US or Europe.

Today, Madman Entertainment began streaming an English subtitled trailer for the first “Attack on Titan” live action movie.

While the footage is not new, it does take out the guess work for English speaking fans of the series.

According to ANN , Madman Entertainment streamed the trailer in honor of their announcement that the film would premiere in Australia and New Zealand later this year.

      Earlier when the first trailer in Japanese surface, fan reactions were mostly positive.

The only concern seemed to be about whether “Attack on Titan” would become a Hollywood film project.

“Man, this will be amazing.

Thank God it is being made in Japan.

Imagine how terrible this movie would be if it was a North American production…

They’d shove the Statue of Liberty somewhere somehow,” said LG Leite de Oliveira on Facebook.

“No English remake .



Don’t you do it Michael Bay .



This needs to stay Japanese only .



Thank you Japan for making this amazing film,” explained Kevin Curtis.

But some fans argued that “Attack on Titan” could benefit from Hollywood if only in terms of having a bigger budget.

Still some preferred the idea of an international co-production.

No matter how fans feel about who is responsible for the production, at least they can take comfort that “Attack on Titan” creator Hajime Isayama is reportedly working closely with director Shinji Higuchi on the film.

With Isayama being close to the project, it is likely that any deviations from the original story will be handled with care.

The first “Attack on Titan” live action film is set for release in Japan on August 1.

September 19 is the release date scheduled for the second live action film.

A new poster for the second film “Attack on Titan: End of the World” (pictured above) was released on April 17.     

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