Ashton Irwin Bares All For 5SOS Fans, Girlfriend Bryana Holly Looks Another Way For New Album

Ashton Irwin Bares All For 5SOS Fans

Ashton Irwin Bares All For 5SOS Fans, Girlfriend Bryana Holly Looks Another Way For New Album

Ashton Irwin is now the most desired men in 5SOS after his shirtless video for his fans! Looks like his girlfriend Bryana Holly is keeping a long leash on the 5SOS drummer as he thanks his fans for helping 5SOS sell out their upcoming tour.

According to Hollywood Life , “5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin went totally shirtless to send a sweet message to fans via Twitter, and it’s possibly the sexiest way to say ‘thank you’ ever!”
In the video, Ashton Irwin said, shirtless, “We don’t say it enough, but I wanted to say thank you just so much for everything. I know we’re super busy at the moment and it’s kind of easy to lose track of actually what’s going on, but the fact is you guys have made this band everything it is today and we can’t thank you enough. You make our dreams come true, seriously. Thank you, thank you so much.”
Despite the fact that Ashton Irwin sounds so chirpy and keeps his happy face for the public, he may be secretly suffering inside. But having a girlfriend around can immensely lower the 5SOS drummer’s stress levels.
He recently became much more frequent in expressing about his mental health issues. According to Daily Telegraph , Ashton Irwin let it out on Luke during the 5SOS tour. He said, “I told Luke ‘I’m f— ing depressed, I f—ing hate this, we’ve been on tour for five months, I’m living out of this piece of s— suitcase with only three wheels on it,” Irwin recalls.
This wasn’t the only time that he spoke up about about his depressive tendencies. On his Twitter in August, according to Daily Mail , he posted, “Some days your head will be a whirlpool of depression and anxiety! In those days you gotta breath and focus on everything great in life!”
Ashton Irwin attracts female fans all over the world with his outgoing and friendly demeanor so it came as a surprise to his fans that he is battling with depression. He certainly hid it well on his Twitter!
Maybe that’s why he has a reputation for having a “bad boy past”, which probably was what attracted Bryana Holly to him in the first place.
According to Daily Mail , “5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin has revealed he was not always so held together, admitting details of his bad boy past at a recent gig. Describing his life before shooting to stardom, the 21-year-old confessed to egging a McDonald’s in his native Windsor when he was a teenager.”
Despite 5SOS’ no girlfriend policy, the drummer insisted on dating Bryana Holly, but now it looks like the girlfriend drama is shaking up the band!

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