Ashton Irwin Almost Died Two Times Before American Music Awards 2014: 5 Seconds Of Summer Win New Artist Of The Year, 5SOS Drummer Go Wild On Twitter

Ashton Irwin almost died two times before American Music Awards 2014.

But good thing that the 5SOS drummer didn’t… because 5 Seconds of Summer won this year’s New Artist of the Year! Like his usual hyper self, Ashton Irwin went wild on Twitter, celebrating this momentous win!

5 Seconds of Summer drummer wrote on Twitter, “Can’t believe you guys won us an American music award…

So insane, I can’t even grasp how im feeling, thank you so much.” Seeing how Ashton Irwin just got recovered from an appendicitis surgery, American Music Awards 2014 win may just be too much for him! It turns out that Ashton Irwin had, not just one, but two brushes with death this year.

He told the Sun that his appendicitis could have been much more serious if he was flying at the time.

“If I went on a plane it would’ve burst – and I was meant to get on a plane that day,” the 5SOS drummer painted a vivid picture for his fans.

On top of that, ‘Amnesia’ drummer almost died on stage in Mexico.

According to Unreality TV, Michael Clifford, his bandmate, admitted that Ashton Irwin fainted on stage.

“Ashton actually passed out after the main set.

We did the main set and went to the encore, we all walked off for the encore and I’m strumming my guitar… then Ashton just… pfft.” But Ashton Irwin has been tirelessly promoting 5 Seconds of Summer.

He just had a huge appreciation day for his fans on Twitter.

Now that the 5SOS drummer is back on 2014 tour, he is ready to spread the love to all the 5 Seconds of Summer fans.

According to Daily Mail, it looks like the few days Ashton Irwin took off from the 5 Seconds of Summer tour was great for his mind and especially body.

The publication captured the 5SOS boys shirtless, enjoying their last moments in their hometown Sydney.

Congrats to 5SOS boys for their American Music Awards New Artist of the Year award!

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