Ash Unbound Unveiled In Pokemon Movie ‘Hoopa & The Clash Of Ages’ Extended Trailer [VIDEO]?

Ash Unbound Unveiled In Pokemon Movie 'Hoopa & The Clash Of Ages' Extended Trailer [VIDEO]?
Ash Unbound Unveiled In Pokemon Movie 'Hoopa & The Clash Of Ages' Extended Trailer [VIDEO]?

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon movie “Hoopa & the Clash of Ages” has surfaced, and an unexpected unbound form has been spotted by fans.

On April 16, the very first animation of unbound Hoopa from the Pokemon movie was shown in the extended trailer.

“As Ash, Pikachu and the other continue their journey, they encounter the mythical Pokemon Hoopa, who carries ‘rings that can summon anything and everything,’ and a girl named Mary who takes care of Hoopa,” says the plot synopsis according to Serebii .

“Once they arrive in Desser City, Ash and the others meet Mary’s older brother, Barza.

However something seems off about him.

On a closer look, he’s holding the ‘Prison Bottle’ that’s said to have sealed the Pokemon that once destroyed the city! An evil air drifts out of the bottle, eventually turning into a huge shadow.

The shadow gradually becomes visible-it is Hoopa’ original unbound form.” But it is not only Hoopa who becomes “unbound” by the Prison Bottle.

In the extended trailer, we see Ash catching the Prison Bottle and seemingly becoming “possessed” by the entity within it.

According to CoroCoro leaks uploaded by Serebii , the Unbound form of Hoopa  is a Psychic/Dark dual-type Pokemon.

Reportedly, it is said to be 13 times taller and 50 times heavier than the original form of Hoopa.

In addition, the May Pokemon CoroCoro leaks confirm that the movie will be accompanied by six distribution events involving the Legendary Pokemon Groudon, Kyogre, Kyurem, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina.

Reportedly, these Legendary Pokemon can be obtained by pre-booking tickets to see the movie, out July 18.

Taking your ticket to select stores such as the Pokemon Center, Toys ‘R Us and 7-11 in Japan will allow you to download one of the six Pokemon.

This can be done from June 20 to August 1.

Check out the extended Pokemon movie trailer below :

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