Arctic Monkeys Tour 2014 Extended; Drummer Matt Helders Believed New Album Exceeded Their Expectations; Says Radio Airtime Helped A Lot With Success

Arctic Monkeys Tour 2014: Arctic Monkeys are expanding their tour by adding more shows for their world tour, which will cover Europe, North and South America and even in Asia.

The Arctic Monkeys Tour will go from July in Hungary and continue to go around the world until November in Brazil.

The band is remains to add more shows so keep your eyes on this website for more tour news about the band.

Meanwhile, in an interview with, drummer Matt Helders talks about their recent release, “AM”, which was released last 2013.

This recent album has the hit song “Do I Wanna Know?”, a song which made it big in the US and worldwide.

“It went a lot better than we imagined it would,” says Helders.

“It got played on the radio a lot, and we never really had that in America, like a radio hit.

Obviously, we made an effort to do something different with this record but not with the aim to break in America, by any means.” The English band’s latest record was recorded in California, same as their other two albums, while they stay in Los Angeles.

“We’ve just really enjoyed working there,” Helders says.

“It’s a great place to make a record and hang out as well.

This time we were all living in the same area, within a mile of the studio, so it was collaborative.

Everybody was equally involved.” Included in “AM” is a vocal track from their “Humbug” album producer and Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, where Helders said they got inspiration from for some of their songs.

“When we first got the opportunity to work with Josh we were amazed,” Helders says.

“We were all massive fans, thrilled to be around him, you know, thrilled that he wanted to work with us, and excited to see what he would do with our songs.” For more news on Arctic Monkeys Tour 2014 and other bands’ tour this year, keep tuning in here on

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