Archie Panjabi On Why Kalinda Left ‘The Good Wife,’ And Was The Season 6 Finale Alicia Scene Filmed Split Screen?

Archie Panjabi On Why Kalinda Left 'The Good Wife
Archie Panjabi On Why Kalinda Left 'The Good Wife

“The Good Wife” season 6 finale finally showed that Alicia/Kalinda scene, but was it worth the wait? On Sunday night, “The Good Wife” season 6 finale showed a scene between Alicia and Kalinda, one that was 50 episodes in the making.

However, upon a closer look, some viewers believe the scene was in fact shot separately.

During an interview with EW, Archie Panjabi addressed the question of Alicia and Kalinda not sharing many scenes in the last few seasons of “The Good Wife.” “I think that’s a question you need to ask the producers,” said Panjabi.

“What is great is that relationship between the two women is one of the best relationships on TV, in terms of it being the most honest.

Hopefully, you may see something of that before I leave.” Panjabi also voiced her dissatisfaction with the way Kalinda was written out of the show.

“Honestly speaking, I would’ve liked something that would have featured Kalinda a little more, but they have restrictions and I respect that,” continued Pajabi.

“They did do a degree of justice to her in the last episode.”    

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