Archer Season 6 Preview, Trailer, And Episode 1 Spoilers, Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, And Adam Reed Talk About New Season

Archer season 6 is returning to FX this January.

After a season of being inept drug dealers the show is returning to its roots, and will be doing spy work for the CIA.

Here is everything currently known about Archer season 6.

Archer has just released its first season 6 trailer, letting us know what all the chracters have been up to in between seasons.

You can watch the video below.

Creators recently sat down with Zap2it  to talk about the new dynamics of baby Abbiejean.

“Abbiejean’s pretty much always around the office, it’s bring your baby to work day every day on ‘Archer,'” says Judy Greer, who voices Carol/Cheryl.

“There’s a lot of AJ juggling, which is really funny.” Executive producer Matt Thompson adds, “Somebody’s gotta be watching it.

It’s like, ‘Where’s the baby?! Who has the baby?! Who lost the baby?!'” “Lana is very pragmatic,” says Tyler.

“She’s the only competent human being in this group, actually.

It’s hard because she’s surrounded by idiocy and she’s dealing with typical mom issues like daycare and bringing your kid to work and trying to co-parent with Archer.” “It’s the first time we see Archer caring about something other than himself,” says Thompson.

“It does become an emotional anchor, of sorts.” “I feel this yearning in Cyril to be more parental,” says Parnell, though he chuckles and admits that it’s “also because Cyril want to have sex with Lana.” Amber Nash, who voices Pam, says, “We did a DVD extra where Pam is babysitting Abbiejean and it’s so much fun.

Nobody is at all equipped to take care of a baby, especially Archer.

It’s really fun to throw this baby into the mix and see what it brings out in everybody.” One character who won’t turn into a warm and fuzzy figure is baby Abbiejean’s grandmother, Malory.

In fact, Jessica Walter says that while Malory “does love” the baby, she’s also “desperate to have Abbiejean’s name changed to Malory.

There’s money at stake.” “[Abbiejean’s name change] was a really fun episode,” adds Tyler, “because Lana’s starting to realize that she hadn’t quite calculated that Malory was going to be the baby’s grandmother.

She was only thinking about getting Sterling’s genetic material.

Now she’s starting to realize that Malory is going to be a prickly, prickly grandma and is maybe best avoided.” Other recent news from the show is that the spy company everyone works for will no longer be called ISIS, due to its negative connotations to the terror group.

Rather than making a joke about it, showrunner Adam Reed had simply opted to stop using the name.

Spinoff Comic Book  resources was at NYCC and provided the following transcript of the most recent Archer panel,”We wanted to make sure nobody was feeling we were getting complacent,” Reed said, saying they decided to go all in on it.

“But I was a little surprised at some of the outspoken – I don’t know what to call it – hate.” “I enjoyed Pam’s super-hot body,” Nash said to many hollers of agreement.

Even more cheers rang out when she said, “But I have to say, I’m glad she has her old super hot body back now.” “And guys, if we didn’t have Archer Vice, we wouldn’t have met the other Krieger clone,” Yates pointed out.

“So shut up!” Season 5 opened with a montage, and some of the moments in there were left out of Archer Vice due mainly to time, like the tiger or how Pam and Cheryl were meant to form a rebellion in Central America.

There was also a tease of Cyril and Archer opening a bank.

“Wrote the script; not as compelling as you might think,” Reed laughed.

“Season 7!” Benjamin quipped.

“Archer Bank.” Stern asked where the idea for Lana and Archer’s baby, Abijean, came from.

“Where do babies come from?” Reed joked.

“From vaginas,” said Tyler.

“That’s just not true!” replied a disbelieving Benjamin.

Christian Slater In all honesty, Reed said he “thought it would be fun to have some other character to act inappropriate around.” Thompson reminded him that the seeds were actually planted in Season 4 when Lana is climbing up a building and hinting at her plan to steal Archer’s sperm.

“And as we’ve already seen with the wee baby Seamus, if we grow tired of it, we’ll just make it disappear,” Yates laughed.

Season 6 kicks off with what Benjamin said was “Finally, an animated apology to Japan” for the atomic bombs.

It also reveals that Pam and Krieger may be in cahoots.

“It’s a build up for a spinoff,” joked Yates.

“They are kind of a team this season.

Characters sort of gang up sometimes, and I think Pam and Cheryl have had their run.” Greer disagreed.

Reed revealed that only Yates knows for sure if the character we see in a hot tub with Pam in the season opener is the real Krieger or not.

There’s also a wonderful new character called Milton the Toaster, a reference to the mascot Kellogg’s used for Pop-Tarts in the 1970s.

Christian Slater’s Slater will see his role expand this year, something the actor is excited about.

“I think it’s a very well-named character,” he said, “and I’m the only guy who could do it.

He’s very well-drawn, and I absolutely love it.” Of course, the character is designed to look exactly like Slater himself.

Stern joked that he wasn’t even animated and that the character was really him.

“Well, I put on the full motion-capture suit, and had all the little balls all over me.” “They’re not digital balls, either,” Tyler chimed in.

“It’s in his contract, ‘Only real human balls.’ He’s a big movie star, we had to accommodate him.” The testicular humor went on for a bit, ending with the idea that Slater actually has about a dozen (“That’s like an udder,” said Benjamin).

When things returned to relative sanity, Yates was asked if it was weird that he voices one character and another, Ray, is modeled after him.

“It is really a time when I freak out when I’m watching TV,” admitted Yates, noting that he’s a “live theater guy,” so he never expected this kind of role.

“When I see a character that sounds like me talking to a character that looks like me, it’s why I smoke a lot of pot.” There was another sexual sidebar addressing whether Cyril or Archer would be a better lover (“I think it comes down to, do you prefer erection or not an erection,” Benjamin laughed.

“So the answer’s Cyril.” (Cyril is well known for being well-endowed), before Stern asked who was the most like their character.

Jessica Walter “Christian Slater,” Yates answered without missing a beat, generating knowing laughter from the crowd.

“I know Chris Parnell is the least like his character, if you know what I mean,” ribbed Benjamin.

“He doesn’t wear glasses,” clarified Yates.

“20/20 vision,” Benjamin said.

Stern then asked Walter, “Can you handle your booze like Mallory?” “Can I handle what?” Walter replied, a bit perplexed.

“Your booze.” “Oh,” she replied, putting a hand to her chest.

“Thought you said ‘my boobs.'” She paused for laughter, and then said simply, “Ah, yeah.” Creator Adam Reed, recently did a new interview about the upcoming season which you can watch below He also did an earlier interview with The Daily Beast , and had the following to say on the new season.

“Archer is going to end up taking baby A.J.

and the toddler Seamus on a covert mission for hilarity to ensue-trying to break into the CIA, but he’s got these two babies in tow.

That will probably happen somewhere in the middle of the season.” Speaking on where else Archer and the gang can possibly go, Reed said, “The human body, Marlow! Fantastic Voyage is what I’m thinking.

Our epic finale this season could take place within the bloodstream of a nuclear scientist.

We have some new characters coming in, too.

We’re going to meet Pam’s sister, who will be voiced by Allison Tolman from Fargo, and a couple of others but nobody’s signed a contract yet so I don’t want to jinx it-but we’ve got some great guest stars this season.

And Barry the Cyborg will be back.

Jakov, however, is dead.” Talking about Malory, he said, “Yeah.

She got back with Ron, then they broke up, then they got back together and had an open marriage for a while, but I think some old flames will definitely come for Malory, who will struggle with the decision she made to get married.” Speaking on Kenny Logins he said, “I think they contacted us.

He might share an agent with one of our actors and they said, “Kenny thinks all that stuff is hilarious, and if you’d ever like for him to be on the show, he’d be into that.” So we wrote an episode all about Kenny Loggins.

He was great, and had a really good sense of humor about it.

” Speaking on the production process Reed said, “From start to finish, an episode takes five weeks.

I turn in a script every three weeks, and I start April 1 and then we go to air in January, so I’m on Episode 6 right now.

After I turn in a script, everybody at work gets it, and the character designers start designing what the characters will be wearing, or what they’re going to look like, and the storyboard artists start boarding it out while the background painters are painting new backgrounds.

While that’s going on, we start recording everybody, and then our editor does an entire radio play with not just the dialogue, but sound effects, gunfights, and a rough pass at the music.

And then the boards get put to that.

But the main thing for us is that the audio cut should be the best thing you can possibly do, because it can only get better from there.

We say it should be something you could listen to in the car and always enjoy.” They even screened the first episode, according to Spinoff Online , (all following quotes from them) who were at the event,” The episode opens with Archer, groggy from a night of hardcore drinking, awakened by the ring of a Zach Morris-like brick phone in a seedy tropical motel room with a bottle of cobra whisky on the nightstand and a newly pierced ear.

His mother Malory is on the phone with information regarding a CIA freelance mission involving the retrieval of an American spy plane from the jungles of Borneo.

Archer gets dumped into the jungle, where he encounters a Japanese soldier from WWII, as the rest of the staff tours their new offices.

As it happens, the $10 million ISIS headquarters renovation coordinated by Cheryl and Cyrus results in exactly the same office they had prior to Season 5′s explosion.


Despite his best attempts, Archer completes his mission and returns to the newly refurbished headquarters only to be harassed by both Malory and Lana.

And in another reveal from the premiere, Krieger got himself a secret hot tub.” After the screening, all of the key Archer contributors assembled for the panel: actors H.

Jon Benjamin (Archer), Aisha Tyler (Lana), Chris Parnell (Cyril), Judy Greer (Cheryl), Amber Nash (Pam) and Lucky Yates (Krieger); creator Adam Reed and co-executive producer Casey Willis.

Asked what year the show take place in, Yates responded, “All of the cool ones.” When asked what their favorite aspect of the ‘Archer Vice’ season was, each of the panelists shared a different answer: Yates said “Building a submarine in an indoor pool, somehow.

Krieger is so fucking resourceful.” Nash saud, “Mine was the tit bondage.

Titty twister? What was it called?” Greer said “Well, obviously the country music sensation.

There’s nothing better than that.

Parnell said “Being a dictator?” When prodded to explain what exactly he liked about it, he joked, “I guess I’ve personally always wanted to do that kind of thing.

I did a lot of research and took a lot of time to get into that part.

I went to a neighborhood in Los Angeles and sort of took over.

I was a pretty benevolent dictator.

Tyler said “Having a baby without an epidural in a filthy, Third World airport that had been abandoned recently and was being shot at by drug dealers and dictator’s minions.

I also liked when I was breastfeeding Abijean and she held up her finger at me.

I was like ‘Aw.

I just made a tiny, little bitch baby!'” Benjamin said, “Didn’t watch it.

No fucking interest.

Willis said, “I think my favorite was the cool guest stars we had like Gary Cole, Fred Armisen and Christian Slater.

Reed said, “I really liked the episode where they were on the raft in Columbia and then set the raft on fire through sheer idiocy.

And I always love exploring Archer’s neurotic fear of reptiles.” Asked if he could do that regularly, Reed responded, “We could give him a job at a reptile farm.” Yates said, “I think you just wrote an Archer episode,” adding that the credit would read, “‘Story by man in the Batman shirt.’ You win.

You just won Comic-Con!” “Archer” season 6 will come sometime in January 2015.

Check back for more information as we get closer to the release date.

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